Generating Love

Imagine if we could expand our heart energy and send love out to all those who need it… There are too many people who are love deprived on this earth… and it’s so, so sad….

I Believe in Angels!

I Believe in Angels! Angels – let’s just say that I love them – these invisible (to normal sight anyway) celestial beings that have brought a deep sense of love and calm into my life…

The Crystal Ball

The Crystal Ball Mediums have long used the crystal ball, it is probably the tool most recognised and associated with spiritual mediumship. The act of ‘seeing’ things – past, present or future, is termed ‘scrying’….

Why Meditate?

It is often stated that meditation is an important part of spiritual and personal development. However, some people believe it is a waste of time. Ironically, sitting quietly trying to limit your thoughts to one…

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