Contribute to The Spiritualist

It’s important to us that our website contains fresh and interesting content.

We know there are many bloggers, writers, photographers and artists who produce work but may not have a platform to publish it.

That’s where we can help each other.   Contributing to our website is your route to publish, while retaining credit for your work.

Who Can Contribute?

We welcome anyone with a creative interest to submit work to our editor.  All content then goes through our quality control process, before we place content on our websites.  We reserve the right to refuse content for any reason.

Content Rules

Acceptable content may differ depending on the target website but in general the following rules apply:

  • You must own the content you are offering for publish.
  • Your content must comply with applicable legislation.
  • Content should be in good taste.
  • Commercial content (promoting a business) should be clearly marked.

How to Submit a Church, Event or Content

Find all the links you need on our Contributors Page.