Angelic Harmony Therapy (AHT)

I have always loved to sing and I have always believed in Angels but I would never have dreamed in a million years that I would be guided to develop and co-create a healing system that enables us to sing with the angels. The modality was born in the magical island of Ibiza, where I was sharing angelic healing at a charity event. I could not feel the usual angelic energy running through my crown and through my hands. I asked my angels and guides “Where are you? Why are not working with me?”  I heard clearly in my head “Sing” I was confused and stood still, once more I heard, “Sing, sing into the chakras” So I breathed into my heart relaxed my body and allowed the Angels to guide me.

One by one different Archangels stepped forward and guided me to sing into the recipients chakra system.  The healing was incredibly well received and I knew that the Angels wished me to share this Angelic singing with many more people.

Over time I was guided to work with groups as well as individuals, and eventually a teaching manual was written to ensure that I could teach this healing modality to other people around the world. Angelic Harmony Therapy was the name given by the Archangel Metatron and this beautiful sound healing modality became official and was approved by an insurance company in 2016.

Angelic Harmony Therapy or AHT for short, is a method of healing which combines the use of sound and the vibrational frequencies of the Creator’s light and Angelic beings. It helps to restore the perfect blueprint or DIVINE BLUEPRINT, who we are at SOURCE LEVEL. By working with AHT we are working on many levels – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and karmic. During each self-healing, client or group healing we ask for each level to be cleared, balanced and restored, as each are equally important. There is no analysing; we are simply channels using our voice, intention and the pure vibration from the Creator to help restore the original perfect blueprint of our soul.

The Archangels who over see this whole process are Archangels Metatron and Sandalphon. These two Archangels govern the stellar gateway chakra and earth star chakra, respectively. Both of these Archangels once walked the Earth as humans and have an understanding of what it is to be human and therefore, are important in the process of transformation. They are also assisted by the Seraphim and the Archangels Gabriel, Uriel, Chamuel, Michael, Raphael, Zadkiel and Jophiel.

To explain the process a little deeper, every cell and organ within our body is a sound resonator and responds to sounds outside our body. Our human bodies are bioelectrical systems made up of varying frequencies. We can stimulate vibrations within our body and mind by learning to direct and control our voice.

Our bodies know how to take care of themselves. However, we do not always listen and assist the process. Through lack of exercise, poor diet and stress, our bodies can get out of balance; using the voice, we can restore the balance and thus allow the body to do what it knows best. We also need to be alert to the sounds around us and to strengthen our energies so that only the beneficial sounds may permeate our individual energy fields.

Every time we interact with another person, there is an exchange of energy vibration. Throughout the day we may accumulate a tremendous amount of energy debris. Therefore, we need to learn to cleanse our fields of the dross or we may end up with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems. The techniques I teach in AHT help in cleansing, balancing and strengthening your own energy system through your own voice, with the blended vibration of the Creator, Seraphim and Archangels.

You do not need to consider yourself as a singer to use your voice to balance and heal your chakras (or another’s chakras, come to that). Your voice is a vital force that permeates every aspect of creation. The voice has always been considered a direct link between humanity and the Divine. Our voices (and thoughts) are a major contributing factor to the present state of consciousness. Using our voices in a sacred way, using focus and intent can produce harmony. If we can learn to produce and direct sound through our energy centres to the physical body, balance occurs which energises our entire energy system. Then we have greater access to our true essence and its manifestation within our daily life. We can have greater health on all levels and we can block negative qualities and patterns as they arise within in our physical and subtle bodies. This is due to the fact that as you tune into your body or another through your voice, the organs and chakra system will sing and talk back to you!

I have trained practitioners in AHT across the UK, Denmark, Canada and it has travelled as far as New Zealand. I am now training up one of my first practitioners to become a teacher so she may teach AHT in South Africa. So if you’d like to train to become a practitioner or learn self-healing or to receive a private session in person or via Skype please do get in touch.

Georgie G Deyn – is a singer, healer, teacher, and channel of Love in its purest forms. She trained as a dancer and singer at “Italia Conti Academy” in London and went on to gain a Bachelors of Education at “The University of Hertfordshire”

Her connection to the Celestial realms is a natural gift which she has developed and nurtured herself over time and during meditation. Georgie is also the enchanting and mesmerising voice of “Seraphisa”, whose albums; The Mystical and “ The Heavens” are available now on CD or ITunes.

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