When the Destiny of Loved Ones Is in Our Hands.

There may be times in life where you are faced with a decision that not only affects you but others too…

These decisions are far more difficult than those that affect us directly.

Our loved ones around us are very precious, often we make choices / decisions that put their needs before our own – but this feels okay – as the love we have for them tips the balance of the love we have for ourselves. It is easy and just ‘feels right’ to do what is right for them, regardless of how difficult it might be for us.

But sometimes, the decision we are forced to make is far more difficult – which ever path we choose has significant effects on the loved ones involved. The burden can feel overwhelming, the fear of making the wrong decision and feeling regret, is massively present, and what makes the decision making so tough.

Ask for Divine Guidance

At times such as these I look to Divine Guidance and call in support from Spirit. Finding a quiet space in which I can centre myself and sending out love and positive intention to the world, I can openly ask for help and guidance, I can ask for a calmness within and a sense of knowing that ‘what is meant to be – will be’.

Guidance Will Always be Given

Calling in Spirit help/guidance is something we can do anytime… then we can relax, trusting that the way will be shown – it may not be as direct as,, just waking up one morning and knowing exactly what to do, it may be that we subtly begin to lean a certain way or that someone involved does… or it may even be that we make a decision, and just ‘trust’ that it is the right one…

When we do this, we can loosen the chains of regret and guilt – knowing our decision was made with love, regardless of how others perceive the choice that has been made.

Be strong and have faith that Spirit will guide you through your most challenging times…

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