5 Free Spiritual Hygge Activities

‘Hygge’‘A quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being’Oxford Dictionary.com

I guess we all find that feeling of comfort from different activities or being in certain settings. But I have put together my own top 5 Hygge activities…

1 – Meditation

Take some time to focus on one single point, play some gentle rhythmic background music, get comfy, taking slow, deep breaths… tune into your body as it rests and winds down… sense the beating of your own heart – slowing it down a touch if you can… feeling more and more comfortable… more and more relaxed and at peace in your own world… create and feel a deep sense of ‘Hygge’!

2 – Sitting / Being out in Nature

Stop and listen to the sounds of nature, the movement of life on earth… really listen… the wind, the rustle of trees around you, the birdsong – they can be such pleasure and comfort invoking sounds. Breathe it in, take time to feel the fresh air as it floods your lungs, close your eyes and really feel the wonderful calming energy of the natural world. Feel a sense of Hygge!

3 – Listening to Music

Music, they say, is good for the Soul, it can help to create happy feelings – maybe this is the rhythm / beat that repeats through a song – sub-consciously reminding us of a time when we were completely safe and cocooned in our mother’s womb with the constant, reliable and soothing sound of her heartbeat. Or maybe particular songs / music types remind us of happy times gone by… so be choosy as to what you listen to. So, get comfy someplace and play some music that you love – whether you are singing along loudly to something upbeat or snuggling up and just listening to words – it doesn’t matter – both will create a contented, happy feeling or ‘Hygge’!

4 – Walking Bare Feet on Nature’s Grassy Blanket

Find somewhere peaceful and chuck off those shoes / socks –  stripping the barrier between you and Mother Earth. Feel and absorb the beautiful energy that our earth shares and allow it flow through you. Such wonderful healing comes from connecting to Mother Earth, you really can draw power and strength from the earth – a sense of belonging, a sense of ‘Hygge’!

5 – Get Creative

Be it through intricate paintings, scribbles on a page or building some lego pieces together… a great sense of fulfilment can come from using our creative mind,  as we focus our mind and energy on such activities, our mind is calming as stresses and worries take a back seat. And you really don’t have to be an Artist to use your artistry – whatever the outcome of your creativity – the feelings and senses that you will receive from focusing your mind on creating will be the same! ‘Hygge’? I think so…

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  1. I like watching to spiritual images as landscapes, victorian houses, europen towns and sky-watching helps too.

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