Are you Reading the Signs Correctly?

How Two White Doves Can Spark Panic or Peace.

Going through challenging times in life is all part of the journey, but that doesn’t make them any easier to overcome.

Recently, during a time of turmoil in our family, including the death of a close relative, I received a series of apparently disturbing signs

An electric extension lead blew as I was connecting a plug, making an almighty bang and flash; luckily no-one was harmed. A near miss on the motorway shook me up, and then finally I arrived home to find a beautiful white dove laying dead outside my front door.

Our young son started to wake up distressed at 3am every morning and a number of other difficult things started to happen.

The Curse of a Dead Dove?

It’s hard to read a dead dove as anything other than sinister and we became concerned that some party out there was wishing us harm.

Once you read a sign as a negative it’s easy to see other events in the same way. Slowly, you construct a case that seems like everything in the world is ‘out to get you’.

Sage Cleansing Our House

We’ve used Sage Cleansing once in the past to remove bad energies from our old home and it worked well. The whole energy lifted afterwards and we felt at peace.

This felt like a good time to do that exercise again. So with some burning sage and a drum beat in every corner of the house, we meditated and went throughout the house expelling any bad energies. 

The smell of the sage lasted for a couple of days and for that time we felt protected and happy.

A Second Dead Dove

A few days later we returned home to find another white dove on the doorstep. He was alive but clearly struggling and made no attempt to move as we came closer. There were no apparent signs of injury and we did what little we could, but sadly he died the following day.

A second white dove arrived outside our home and died. What message was being sent?  What sign is this?

We reflected on our lives, on what we could do better, on how we could send out more love and healing energy.  

We reached out to our spiritual community for help and advice, and meditated to find the answer.  

Then out of the haze someone brought this vision…

A Healing Sanctuary

There could be another reason that we were finding dead and dying doves appearing at our home. 

Perhaps the birds are attracted to the healing energy of our house, and arrive in a vulnerable state seeking recovery or a peaceful passing.

How many birds pass through the area and fly off fully recovered or at least boosted by the positive energy?

Again, once you start looking for positives they become easy to see. All around the house and garden are birds and other animals feeding, recovering, living.  

Perhaps this is the real meaning of the sign, perhaps we should change our focus from protecting ourselves to helping those in need. 

Since then all the other signs have disappeared, either they are not taking place or we stopped focusing on all the negatives. 

Take Time to Understand the Signs

The lesson I learnt from this experience is that there’s always another way to view spiritual signs.  

Positive energy will always overpower negative energy, but as humans we seem predetermined to jump to negative conclusions.

Next time you see a spiritual sign, take time to understand it properly. Meditate or share it with spiritual friends.  

Resist the urge to catastrophise and instead ask if there could be another deeper meaning.  

Perhaps it’s not a sign for you at all but a consequence of another situation, like that of the poorly birds seeking healing.

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