In a Fleeting Moment

What can be deduced from that which comes into our perception in our every day lives?   Inspiration sometimes comes in many forms, for various reasons, sometimes to inspire or to uplift the mind for one reason or another.  When one takes the time to sit down and maybe analyse what is before the eye, one has the chance to look in closer and contemplate upon the purpose of life its self.

So what then of the butterfly…?

Why does it take the trouble to enter your field of view at any given moment? Maybe it brings the message to us that it’s life here on earth is very short lived. But whilst it remains with us, what a thing of complete beauty, as it appears with its gossamer like wings, it is both fragile and delicate yet it is sturdy.

Maybe it came as a messenger on the wing to show that it will survive its metamorphosis – that is the transition from one life form to another. Through the stage of a sleeping process and to awake anew at the dawn of a new day with a new life.

Just like passing from this life into the life beyond the spirit life.

Therefore, maybe nature itself knows only too well, more than we can at first perceive, of the transformation through our own creation and beyond this life’s cycle, as we know it.

Out of the ugliness of the pain of this life there is still beauty on the other side and beyond, and after a period of rest that which was within us in this life known to us our soul, will continue to be there in our afterlife.

My thoughts of the butterfly that settles near by us at any given moment, is to signify a situation of that moment we see the present beauty, but maybe the beauty of the new-formed life is yet to follow. Incarnate, although we are unable to see it as it stands outside the portal or beyond that of our field of view in its present dimension.

This does not signify that could not exist in another dimension that is not open to some of us in this life to see.  So some times it is nature’s way of trying to help us to see that it is always there, but we have to be aware of it or it will simply pass us by, unnoticed.

And so look more closely at that which is there and you will see into the depth of life and beyond.

  • By Bill Lee Medium and Spiritual Teacher.

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  1. Spirit communicates with us through every available means and it’s up to trust and attunement to how they convey the messages.Blessings

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