The Silver Light Healer

I grew up in Zimbabwe and from a young age, I was taken to the “Silver Light Spiritualist Church” very regularly.

I met Tubby, a Spiritual Healer who made a very big impact on me – having suffered with warts on my fingers for many years – they vanished within 1 week of healing with Tubby! This ignited my interest in Healing.

I grew up with a keen thirst for life and experiencing everything to its full potential, this led me to move to London in 1995, where I worked hard and played harder. This is where I experienced cannabis for the first time and as my frequency of use increased, I was also introduced to the clubbing scene, where harder drugs were more common. It was not long before I was using Ecstasy every weekend – this continued over 6 years because, yes – I was having a great time and experiencing a higher state of consciousness whilst using. But it caused me to lose weight and, ultimately all my self-confidence.

It was at this time I moved to Essex and started attending Thundersley Christian Spiritualist Church, where I received a lot of love and support to get my life back on track. As my life picked up I joined their healing circle and received my Spiritual Healer Certificate and would carry out healing on the congregation at their request.

In 2017, I was drawn to investigate natural remedies to enhance health and facilitate the body’s own ability to self-heal where possible and along side Medical treatment – unknowingly having Bladder Cancer for 7 years – and only being diagnosed in April 2018.

This led me to taking on board all of my research, I began to eat organic and became a Vegan, looking after myself from the inside – out. I began searching for my purpose and found myself becoming more attuned to nature and feeling a love of all things – my Spiritual Awakening had begun.

I recently travelled to Egypt and met the most amazing group of people and was lucky enough to recieve Reiki I and II attunements on the Nile River. I am taking my experience and my continued fight against Cancer as an opportunity to help others who suffer with illness’, ailments and addictions.

I work with a number of clients world-wide, both face-to-face and Distance Healing.

I can be found on Facebook @Silverlighthealer and you can email me on should anyone feel they would benefit from my help, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Bruce MitchellSpiritual Healer and Adventurer 

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