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Trance Healing

Trance Healing

Experimental Evening of Trance Healing Introduction. I have always been interested in healing, as a child, I experienced dreams that later in life I came to understand and recognise as healing on the astral plane….

Super Blue Blood Moon

On 31st January 2018 we witnessed a rare occurrence from Earth, a Super Blue Blood Moon! The moon’s spherical orbit bring it closer to earth (Super), just as the dates fall in such a way…

Poem – The Redeeming Feature

The world looks on, as well it might. Unseeing and unhearing, though the sadness and strife Fuel our expectation and dread Of daunting, destructive expertise. A childish preference for certain philistine elements Spells disaster for…

Generating Love

Imagine if we could expand our heart energy and send love out to all those who need it… There are too many people who are love deprived on this earth… and it’s so, so sad….

Difficult Times – A Prayer

Heavenly Father, I have been told ‘before you even ask it is given’ and with this knowledge I am taking your outstretched hand that is held out to me at this most testing time. God,…