Snow Days: Bread, Milk & Hygge

I recently watched the snow fall and settle, completely transforming the streets from their usual dull greys to a beautiful sparkling white.  As more and more snow arrived, disrupting journeys and changing plans, I became…

Spirit Inspired Writing

Spirit can inspire us in many ways, it’s not always as distinctive as a TRANCE experience. Spirit can guide, help and inspire us in very subtle ways. I never tire of hearing about peoples experiences…

Trance Healing

Trance Healing

Experimental Evening of Trance Healing Introduction. I have always been interested in healing, as a child, I experienced dreams that later in life I came to understand and recognise as healing on the astral plane….

Difficult Times – A Prayer

Heavenly Father, I have been told ‘before you even ask it is given’ and with this knowledge I am taking your outstretched hand that is held out to me at this most testing time. God,…

Apache Blessing

‘May the Sun bring you new energy by day, May the Moon softly restore you by night, May the Rain wash away your worries, May the Breeze blow new strength into your being, May you…

Love Laughs

Love Laughs… The greatest gift one person can give to another is laughter. Have you ever noticed how people join together when laughter is present? That’s because everybody wants to join in and share the…

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