Looking Within – Soul Growth

In these times of greater enlightenment around mental health, many people are looking within to discover and understand who they really are, and how that affects the environment around them. Hygge, Mindfulness & Meditation are all tools rediscovered for the modern age to help us do this.

Being True to Who You Are

While it is a perfectly healthy thing to do, some people may not like what they see when they first look into themselves. But being honest and recognising all the feelings / emotions which linger inside of us is key to positive growth.

It can take time to fully understand our motives, our needs and how the consequences of our actions can impact other people.

Mental health can quickly become mental illness if we don’t push forward and carry on exploring our innerselves.

We should practise compassion and forgiveness for ourselves, this will greatly increase our ability to move forward with sound mind.

Don’t Be Afraid of What is Within.

We are all natural and spiritual beings who have been given this gift of life without any guidance on how to use it.  

Many of us, in this modern life can be very goal driven, working towards something we want to achieve.  But by doing that we perhaps miss the real value of the gift of life.  

The journey we take is full of learning both individually and collaboratively with other souls.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every lesson we learn came from a positive experience?

But perhaps some lessons need to call upon our negative feelings so we can truly empathise and understand.

Look for the Lessons

Taken at face value, many horrible experiences we go through seem avoidable, “if only I hadn’t made that decision”. But look for the lesson in each experience that affects you.  

Perhaps the lesson wasn’t yours to learn but for another soul’s around you.  

Have you facilitated someone else’s growth?

Learning and Soul Growth

Once learnt, we know not to make the same mistakes again.  We grow and become better people.

It’s ok to be affected by the experiences we meet along our life path, but remember to look deeper before your mental health turns to mental illness.


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  1. Second attempt. I was so inspired and affirmed by this article, “Looking Within-Soul Growth.” My personal journey of grief after the death of my mother and daughter caused me to look within many times, only to find the dark night of the soul. However, after focusing on the purpose of my experience and finding ways to grow from my grief, I realize that my soul has indeed grown exponentially. This article could be an inspiration for anyone’s meditation. Thank You

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