Light Shines Through the Lockdown

In 2020, all around the world our daily lives changed drastically.  

Our ability to move freely around this beautiful earth has been taken away, albeit for our own safety, but such a rapid change can be difficult to cope with.

Many have found themselves alone and feeling cut off from their families and loved ones due to the lockdown restrictions.  While others who were already vulnerable have found themselves relying even more heavily on their support networks, which are under strain.  

It’s difficult to see any positives from the situation.

Thankfully, those of us with Spiritual beliefs can draw comfort from our knowledge of earthly healing and spiritual afterlife.   Here are some positives to focus on:

1. We have True Freedom

They say ‘you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone’ and we can draw a lot from that saying now.

Part of the anxiety we may be experiencing is the feeling that we have lost our liberty, and of course that’s a natural feeling, particularly in our Western democracies.

But the truth of ‘freedom’ can never be taken away from us. We are all free to use our earthly life for any purpose we want to.  It’s because of this freedom that we make many mistakes and learn many lessons, becoming better people.  

Without that true freedom there can be no progression of our souls, but with that freedom comes personal responsibility for our actions.

In fact one of the founding principles of Spiritualism is:

  • […] each individual is personally responsible for all their actions, deeds, be they good or bad.

Remember that during this lockdown we are still free in our thoughts and deeds. We are observing this lockdown to prevent unnecessary earthly suffering of the vulnerable.  

So we do have freedom and we are choosing to prevent the spread of this virus.

2. Humans are Working Together

Many of us find ourselves watching more TV than normal during these long days at home, but what’s striking is the many stories of humans working together.

And isn’t that the goal we have dreamt of achieving for so many years.

Governments and international organisations have shared information, developed strategies and worked together to limit the impact on human life during this terrible time.  Of course they have their differences but all are united to achieve a common goal.

At a local level people are caring for each other and talking to their neighbours like never before. Even the simple act of staying at home is contributing to the global human effort. 

Could this signify the dawning of a new human age of tolerance, a transition that we are all playing a part in?

3. Amazing Advancements in Earthly Knowledge

There have been pandemics at different times in history but what’s striking this time is how much our earthly knowledge has advanced.

In healthcare and science we’ve had more information about this threat and been able to act quicker than ever before.

Through today’s communications technology we have been able to keep in-touch with each other and the power of ‘big data’ has helped get supplies where they need to be.

We are lucky to live in this time of exceptional human knowledge, but of course we are just part of a journey towards further human enlightenment.

Throughout history amazing souls have appeared ahead of their time and made huge leaps in human progress.  So watch out for the positive changes that will come out of this challenging time.

4. Isolation can Teach us about the Spirit World

This time of social distancing can make us feel isolated from our family, friends and loved ones, and in many ways we are.  

Consider how similar this is to when we lose loved ones to the spirit world.  In Spiritualism we teach that there is life after death, and our loved ones move to the spirit world like walking through a door into another room. 

Of course on the earth plane even though we can’t see or embrace our loved ones, there are many other ways to ‘connect’, like a telephone call, a video call or the various mobile phone apps which enable people to play games together.

Some Spiritualist Churches, like Thundersley, have reached out through Facebook Live holding live streamed services available across the world, while maintaining social distancing.

But all these ways of keeping in touch are still relatively new.  They are part of the journey of human advancement.  

Within living memory there are times where not everyone had a telephone, when you couldn’t look up information on the Internet, no video calling or interacting with others unless you were in the same place.

In Spiritualism we also believe:

  • […] communion with the Spirit World is possible, that Spirit Teachers and Healers return to the earth conditions, to provide help for those who stand in need.

If we can achieve so much on earth in such a short space of time, isn’t it possible that one day communication with the spirit world could become just as clear, reliable and accessible as a telephone call today?  

What a new age for both worlds that would be!

5. Life Continues After Death

Lastly I think we should focus on a belief held by many but worth remembering at this difficult time when many earthly lives are being lost.

Spiritualists believe there is life after death.  It’s easy to say it so many times that the real meaning becomes lost. 

But while we believe life goes on, we must also recognise the terrible human suffering on the earth plane. The earthly body is entwined with our spiritual being, and the affect on one must impact the other.

So as Spiritualists it’s our responsibility to do everything we can to limit the spread of this awful virus, which is making so many suffer and taking so many souls over to the Spirit world.

And where we do lose loved ones to Spirit, we know that they are met on the other side, cared for and go on until we meet with them again.


These are very difficult times for everyone and it can be easy to get down about lifestyle changes, but try to remember the 5 positives above.

This lockdown won’t last forever but when it does finally lift we might find ourselves living in a much better world and closer to Spirit.

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