My Journey With The Cards – by Frank White, The Silver Wolf Card Reader

So I suppose the first question is, why did I want to read cards? 

In 2016 I Joined a Spiritual Development Circle. Eight months on, in spite of having sat in this Circle every week, apart from enjoying the relaxation of sitting in Meditation, I didn’t feel I was progressing very far, although I was becoming quite interested in Angel Cards and their meanings.

In March 2017 I went on a Psychic Weekend and while I was there I had my Cards read, after the Reading I said to the Medium that I wished I could read Cards and he asked ‘can you spare an hour I‘ll show you how?’ He showed me how he read them and explained the meanings of the cards to me, then he said buy yourself a pack of cards that you feel drawn to and every morning choose a different card, read it, put it down and  do all things you planned to do that day then read it again and see how much makes sense and keep doing that until you have worked right through the Pack. Well I did as he advised and sometimes some of what was written on the cards made a bit of sense, but that was all. Then a month later I went away on holiday, to St Paul’s Bay in Malta, I was feeling I should take my cards with me, so I did, and I continued to choose one every morning and read it. On Easter Sunday I chose a card and it said ‘You will meet someone new today, who will speak to you about Love and you will speak to them about Love in return’. Well I thought no I don‘t think so, and put the card down. Later that morning I was sitting in the Square and there were a group of people saying prayers and reading the Bible. After they broke up one of them came to me and asked if he could talk to me about what the Bible says about Easter, so I said yes. I sat listening and then he said I feel you share my beliefs and I said yes I do, he asked if I would mind if he read me something from the Bible, I said no, go ahead. He read for me Corinthians 1, chapter 13, verses 1 – 13 which is all about Love. The final verse says ‘Faith, Hope and Love these three things abide, but the greatest of these is Love’. After he read it he asked ‘do you believe that?’ And I said yes, Love is the greatest and most precious gift we can give to anyone. He shook my hand and said you are very Blessed. That night I read my Card again and I knew what I had experienced that day was exactly what the Card had said. I knew then that Cards were for me.

I came home and I practiced as much as I could and became quite good at reading cards. A year later l signed up for a course in Tarot Cards and I learnt to read them as well, and with some practice I became quite good. As time has gone on I have acquired several other Packs of Cards, all different in some way, and I read the cards quite a lot from then on for family and friends and they were all telling me that I was quite good at it. I felt more confident as well, and enjoyed doing it, although my range of clients was quite limited, many people I knew didn’t like Cards. They thought they were a bit weird for some reason, I don’t know, perhaps they thought I was a bit weird too. So my experience was still quite limited, I had until this point not read for anyone I didn’t already know. 

A Sudden Awakening

In December of 2019 I was at our Church for our Monthly Day of Healing, when a lady came in and asked if there was someone who could do a reading for her. Unfortunately we didn‘t have a Medium present that day. I looked at her and I just felt that this lady was so troubled, and I really felt it was all emotional trouble, l just felt I can’t let this lady leave here without at least trying to help her, she really needs this. So I told her that I am not a Clairvoyant Medium and I don’t read 1 – 2 – 1, but if you would like to wait until I have locked the Church up I could come to your home and do a Card Reading for you if that will help. She said ‘oh yes please, will you, are you sure you don‘t mind?’ I said of course not, I just feel I need to help you. So after I had locked up I went to her home to read for her. As soon as I started I knew I was right, all the emotional pain just flowed from the Cards together with a lot of help and advice for the future. At the end she stood up and for the first time that day I saw her smile. I said

I hope I’ve been able to help you and her friend who was with her said ‘oh you have, you will never know how much’. As I left I asked her friend if she will be alright? She said that she will be now and thanked me for what I had done for her. 

A Vision for the Future

l came home after giving that Lady a Reading and a few days later a thought hit me, I suddenly realised what I had done. For the first time ever I had read cards for a complete stranger. I was quite taken back as I thought one hour before that reading l had never ever met that Lady and I knew nothing about her whatsoever. Over the next couple of weeks I found myself thinking alot about this. I felt Spirit was saying to me ‘if you can do it for that lady, you can do it for many more, you need to find a way of doing this’. Between Christmas and New Year I felt I was being told you need to do this online. I knew friends who were doing this already, so I looked at what was available. I felt I was being drawn to use Facebook, after all this was a media I understood. So I tried with a second page and also a seperate account, but neither seemed to work easily for me or for potential clients. I spoke to a friend who suggested I set up a group on my own page as that‘s how he does it. I thought about that and spent a few days thinking about what l wanted on the group and who should be able to access it. After a lot of thought, on 14th February 2020 my group ‘Silver Wolf Card Reader’ went live. In just a few weeks I had over 100 members. I had changed the settings a bit to suit me and I was posting cards and readings to the Group regularly with excellent feedback. I put out an opening offer, to encourage interest, for Free Readings via Messenger for the first Month and slowly requests for readings started to come in, and those who had them were very pleased with what I gave them. I had been guided by Spirit to do this and l was very pleased with the results. I had been guided by Spirit to do this and I was very pleased with the results. If you listen to what Spirit is telling you, they will never let you down. I couldn’t believe how well this had gone. Over a month I had given over 20 readings, and I had not had even one negative reply. This felt good.

A Medium’s Message

In January 2020, I had a reading with a Medium during which she asked me ‘do you read cards?’ I said that I do, and she said ‘Spirit is saying around Mid March something will happen that will bring you lots of opportunities to Read your Cards and this is going to be good for you’. Well that didn‘t mean much to me at the time, I really couldn’t see that happening but I took it onboard.

In March 2020 the Coronavirus arrived, restrictions started and on 17th March we had to make the decision to close our Church in order to protect our congregation. On 18th March I got a phone call from a fellow Church Committee Member asking me whether I thought I could read cards by video link if it was possible to put our Sunday Service out online through our Facebook Page. I’d never spoken on a live link, let alone read cards on one, but I said ‘ok, as long as I get some help with the link i’ll give it a go’. She then asked me if I knew a medium who would give an Address and possibly Messages through the live link. I said that I knew someone who might do it. We did a rehearsal and then on Sunday 22nd March we went live with our first online Service and it was a great success. I read Cards for 45 minutes online for the first time, the following Sunday we did it again and we knew we could keep doing this until our Church could reopen. On 31st March I again got a call from my colleague on the Church Committee and this time she said that the Card Readings I post onto Silver Wolf are really good and lots of people like them, so could they be put on the Church Community Group Page? Of course I said yes.

So the Message the Medium gave me two months before was right. Silver Wolf had taken off, and the Coronavirus had provided me with more opportunities to Read Cards than I could ever imagined, and yes indeed I did have all the readings I could handle. Spirit always gets it right, and often knows what is going to happen before we do, and we should trust what they say.

Reading Cards

So how do I read cards? Well the simple answer to that is intuitively, but what does that mean? In simple terms it means that I am just simply reading what I feel the card is saying for the person I am reading for, together with what l am feeling myself that I am being given from Spirit. The official Dictionary definition of intuition is ‘the ability to understand or know something immediately without conscious reasoning’ and I suppose that is right. To me as a Spiritualist, it is a combination of what I see in the card in the picture and what the various parts mean to me and what I understand about them. Both the picture and the words are often a significant indication as to where the reading might be going based on my knowledge of the cards and my experience of reading them, coupled with information being given to me from Spirit. I suppose I am saying that it is a gift combined with learning and experience. There are lots of ways of reading cards and many different layouts or spreads as they’re called and each reader will have their own preference as to which they use. One of the most common is called the 3 card spread. I will ask the recipient to choose 3 cards which I will then read in turn. The first card generally refers to the person’s past, often the recent past, the second will be about their life as it is now and the third card is not a prediction but rather guidance and some advice as to how the future might pan out and sometimes who might help with that. As I say, there are many layouts or spreads and sometimes I will just read one card for a person. I read Tarot using a layout called Celtic Cross which uses 14 cards, this is a layout not many use. The difference is that Celtic Cross will often go much deeper and often identify quite a lot about the person’s life and the circumstances and people that surround them. Tarot is best taught to you by a good Tarot Reader and takes quite a lot of time to learn and use, but with practice you can get there. So how do you start reading cards? Well, it’s good if like me you can get drawn to someone to get you started and explain them to you a bit, but otherwise buy yourself a Pack of Cards, ones you feel drawn to. You can get them at Psychic Fairs and some shops. I never buy a pack unless I can see them, hold them in my hands, read the description on the box, look at the picture of the cards and if I feel that’s the Pack for me then I buy it. New sealed boxes will include an instruction book in it, so do what I did and still do if I buy a new Pack. Shuffle them and each day choose a different card. Read it, put it down and do whatever you had planned that day and then in the evening go back to the card, you may be surprised at how accurate it was. The day that happens you are on your way, keep reading for yourself and when you feel ready then ask a friend or family member to let you read for them, see how you get on. 

Just a few tips that I find helpful, when you start to read for others, sit with the person, look at them and mentally note all you see. Their expression, how they sit, what they are wearing, do they look happy or sad? Then take their hands and hold them for a few minutes, this helps the

transfer of energy between the two of you, this all works for me, try it. When I read online often the recipient is not present, so I will sit for awhile and think about the person I am going to read for, and try to visualise them and then I choose their Cards for them. I believe Spirit guides me to the Cards I need to draw for them, and then I choose their cards for them. It is not for you to decide if it is right or wrong, but they will know. Just say what you feel and what you are getting, trust your intuition (gut instinct) if you get it, say it, don‘t ask them to reveal the family secrets but encourage feedback because this will boost your confidence and help you to get better and better. Remember, Cards like anything else you use, flowers, photos, a personal possession are all just tools to get you started on a reading, the rest is you, what you get from Spirit, your intuition. When someone asks you for a Reading, by Cards or any other way, they are putting their trust in you. 

Are Card Readings Psychic or from Spirit?

I often get asked this question, the answer is it can be either or a combination of both. In the beginning I read psychically and to start with, you may well do that too. This is because in the beginning you may well pick up on a person’s body language, their demeanor, their mood or something they say. And that is fine at that stage and in fact will probably help you. When I first started Silver Wolf, l was giving Generic Readings and what I saw in the cards and what I felt, I gave out and waited for a response from someone saying they resonated with it. Then about a week on I started to read one morning, and I felt this is different, this card is for someone specific, as I continued to read I was sure I knew who the person was that this card was for, it was for someone I knew. I didn’t want to name her on a Public Page, so I waited until I had finished and had posted the Reading, then I messaged her and I just said ‘I would like you to read the Card Reading I have just posted on Silver Wolf and tell me what you think’. Almost straight away I had a message back to say ‘thank you, that card is definitely for me, and it is spoton, this morning when I woke up I felt quite low and depressed, reading this has given me a real lift and really made my day’. Since that day all my Readings contain information that I get from Spirit, although on occasions some may have Psychic information as well. It can depend on what the recipient has asked for, if they have asked for the answer to a specific question. If it’s about the future, then I am not a fortune teller, so the Reading may well be done psychically. There is nothing wrong with reading psychically as long as the recipient knows that‘s what you are doing, some recipients may actually prefer you to read psychically, especially if they have not had a reading before, or are not feeling ready to hear from a departed loved one.


I believe that nothing that happens to us is a coincidence, everything happens for a reason and is all part of a greater plan, which is mapped out for us from Birth. If I hadn’t gone to that Psychic Weekend and had my Cards Read in 2017, and I hadn‘t sat talking about Love in the Square in Malta, or met that Lady who I gave a Reading to in 2019, the first person I gave a Reading to, who I didn’t know and I hadn‘t been inspired to open Silver Wolf Card Reader. And believe it or not, even if the Coronavirus hadn’t come, then maybe I would have never been where I am now. So this tells me that often when we don’t perhaps understand what is happening around us or why, even when the darkest times surround us, good can still come from it. We must trust Spirit and allow it to take us to where we are meant to be and to the people we are meant to meet. Sometimes we won’t like where we are, or who we are with or what is happening around us, but we had to be here and live through it in order to experience something even better. If we trust what Spirit is telling us and where it is taking us, then our dreams will be fulfilled. 

God Bless you, I wish you well on your journey.   Silver Wolf. 

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