What Is Mediumship? By Stacie Frost

Mediumship…a word that has two reactions… “wow, what do you see around me?” or “a load of charlatans”.  I have experienced both, but for me, everyone is entitled to their opinion and yes there are those who may not be as “connected” as others but there are many who are.

Clairvoyant (the connection to see spirit), Clairaudient (the connection to hear spirit), Clairsentient (the connection to feel spirit). I use the word connection as it really is more accurate, we ALL connect to different energy in varying ways and strengths…connection is the key. These terms come under the umbrella of mediumship, with a person maybe being stronger in one connection over another, however all connections are possible. Remember! We all are able to connect as everything is energy and we are part of that energy system.

Connection is not some supernatural power but a raising of vibration and awareness to the faster and higher frequencies around us that are not visible to our human senses on a day to day basis.  Many of you will have experienced seeing something out of the corner of your eye, knowing who was on the phone before it rang or had a feeling that something good/bad was about to happen before it did. This is your connection…it is not a conscious thing but comes from the energy around you shifting and resonating with you in a different way.

Mediumship (the meeting of two vibrations) is the ability to elevate the human vibration and for spirit to lower theirs so we can meet in the middle). The medium/channel/communicator can then pass on what they are seeing, hearing or feeling from the spirit energy to the sitter (recipient of the message).  It takes dedication, commitment and a calling to serve something greater than yourself to really work for spirit, the intention of love, compassion and gratitude are key to serve ethically (although you do not have to be a saint – we are here to learn after all!)

Some people have been born with stronger antennae, shall we say and connect naturally seeing, hearing and feeling as easily as taking a breath. Others come to this calling later in life or have had experiences but not the understanding of what they were feeling.  Many never connect strongly or simply through their quite rightly, own beliefs do not believe you can. Try not to think of this way of connecting as a flaky power but instead a wonderful way to listen to your heart and still have a bond to those who have left the Earth on a physical level.

True mediumship is the description of your loved ones who have passed over, their personality, their ailments, memories they have and insight into your life as a sitter. Messages should ALWAYS be given with love and integrity and with your permission. If you hear you or a loved one is going to die, this is NOT how a true communicator works…it is not for us to give information which is harmful or frightening. Spirit want you to feel uplifted not terrified.

For reference a medium is not the same as a psychic…Mediums give proof of life after physical death…psychic is where things about your life and the future are given. Both have their place but never use a reading to live your life by…you have free will and messages are a guide not an instruction. Use your instincts, the best guide in your life is YOU…

Article written by Stacie Frost.



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  1. I’m confused I don’t know if I’m a medium I take antidepressants mediums have told me I’m a medium even a healer things happen but I think it’s my pills I did lower dosage another person in the room all so heard tapping sounds when I heard them

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