Sharing Energies

We all have an energy field around us – an Aura!

That energy is a part of us, it sits within our body and radiates out and around it. So, it makes sense that if there are any bodily health issues or emotional blockages within us then our energy will emit such out – our aura will be affected.

When someone steps into our energy field they can pick up on how we are feeling and vice versa… our energies mix and mingle – meaning that people can walk away carrying a sense of our energy within their own – affecting them mentally and physically.

I’m sure you have experienced a time when just merely being in the company of another person has left you feeling drained, sad or even happy! A feeling completely different to how you felt before being with them – this could be a stranger that you are around – maybe sitting next to in a waiting room…

Being around very negative people can really drain me, it has felt like my energy has been zapped in the past – BUT I have learnt how to protect my energy in these situations so now find it a much easier experience – actually managing to share my positive energy with the negative person and really noticing the changes within them 🙂

All I do is imagine a protective shield around your own energy / aura which doesn’t allow negative energy in – but imagine that it can radiate love and comfort to others… it is as simple as setting out my intentions in my mind’s eye – giving ultimate power over my own energy…

Give it a go – protect yourself whilst spreading out love and light!

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