Church Directory Verifications Complete for 2024

The Spiritualist, Spiritualism UK

The Spiritualist team have worked hard over the last few weeks to manually verify the information on Church directory listings to ensure they remain up-to-date.  This is a manual process that we conduct every year. 

Maintaining a directory is difficult with Churches and Centres opening/closing, service times moving and the people involved changing, so we always recommend you contact the listings directly before making a special trip to a service.

New Verification Information Added to Listings

Most of our listings have received a green ticket to signify that the information is now up-to-date as far as we can tell from cross referencing online sources.

However, some listings may now have a yellow triangle, providing warning information, for example if we could not find any recent activity on the organisation’s social media accounts.   

We have also added grey information symbols, containing useful info such as a more accurate SAT NAV postcode.


If you self-manage your own listing, we may still have checked your information.  Please make sure your information is up-to-date!



Many of our listings are unclaimed, meaning that they are not being managed by someone at the organisation.  

Please use the CLAIM button against your listing.

Help us maintain accurate information!

We rely on you, our website visitors, to highlight to us any old or incorrect information on our website.  Please contact us if you spot any!

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