Spiritual Truths – Spiritual Address by Charles Limage

Spiritualism, unlike most of the major religions is unique in that it does not have rules and regulations, creeds, dogma or unnecessary rituals.

I regard Spiritualism as a religion of free will. Free will to accept what rests easy with ones understanding or reject that which does not.

We are all at different levels of understanding and while spiritual truth remains constant and unchanging, our understanding of it is evolving all the time.

We all practise our free will from an early age and as we live in a free society there is no restriction on our freedom to use it within limits and provided we stay within the laws of the land.

The majority of people live decent lives, living in harmony with our fellow beings. We all make mistakes, that is why we are on the earth plane. Hopefully we learn by these mistakes. We have to live within the law or pay the price.

However, as well as man-made laws which do not always reflect justice, we are also subject to the natural laws of God which unlike man made laws are infallible, unalterable and automatic in their operation. We are all aware of the natural laws which are obvious, such as the rotation of the Earth, the birds, the trees, flowers, birth and death, and of course the gift of free will.

There are natural laws which are not so obvious, such as ‘deep what you sow’ and ’cause and effect’, which are just s automatic in their operation, but are very much concerned with the use of our free will. We can choose to live within these laws, but if we do not we must pay the price and nothing and nobody can interfere.

History is littered with the consequences of mans misuse of his free will – war, oppression, terroism and genocide are all examples of man’s inhumanity to man. Many of the most horrendous acts have been committed in the name of religion and still continue to this day.

How many times have we heard the plea ‘why does God allow these things to happen’? If God were to interfere in any act of free will – for good or evil, the reason for an earthly life would disappear and we would not experience the lessons of life for the progression of our soul.

Mediums, Healers or those who may have developed any of the other gifts of Spirit, take on even greater responsibility by the use o their free will.

They have a responsibility to pass on any spiritual knowledge or understanding they have gained to any receptive ear and not to make it assesible to a select few.

They also have the responsibility not to do things for effect, in order to impress the uninitiated.

Spiritual truths are simple and do not require high education or any theological understanding and are accessible to all those who desire the knowledge and most importantly are ready to receive it.

The expression of your free will indicates the type of character we are and how far we have come along the road of progression and perhaps how much more we have to learn before the need for another earthly life becomes unnecessary.

– Spiritual Address from Charles Limage, 12th December 2021 at Thundersley Christian Spiritualist Church.

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  1. God is pure energy the holy spirit is pure love your soul is the mind of your spirit

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