To Practice True Tolerance, must we Tolerate Intolerance?

Our spiritual beliefs teach us that we must love and accept all life and that we are all on different pathways, learning different lessons during our short time on this earth plane.

Sometimes we come across people who hold and promote views that are so different to our own, we can find it hard to accept, but we must try to learn from others, even those who hold extremely opposing views to our own. 

Sometimes we might be able to take something away from their differing beliefs. Other times we may just learn from the positive and negative ways they approach an issue.

Those enlightened by spirit try to live in peace and understanding of all others. I say ‘try’ because we don’t always succeed – and that is ok as long as we are honest with ourselves.

We live in an extraordinary time of Earthly change across the political, economical, society, technological and spiritual realms.  

Many competing ideas appear at conflict with each other and many of those most vocal and aggressive in promoting their stance have vested interests in doing so.

It’s right to let others live in peace with their different ideas. But when an idea becomes harmful to others, does it become our responsibility to stand up and oppose that idea?

If we are all on the earthly journey of discovery, how can we be sure that our beliefs are ‘more right’ than those of others?

Striking the balance between living in peace with our neighbours and up-holding our Spiritual beliefs can become a real dilemma.

Remaining passive may ‘keep the peace’ but it could lead to the proliferation of harmful ideas, while stepping up puts us in the firing line.

If we can’t do anything else, sending distant healing and positive thoughts outwards can still help to affect change.  

Some may call it praying. Whatever you call it, go forward in love and light. 


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  1. shereen middleton | April 6, 2021 at 10:13 am | Reply

    This reminds me of being around certain members of my family, who seem to be on a self destruction path, while the rest of us are clinging on for dear life and trying are hardest to hold on to hope.
    With the frustration of words and love and true dedication seem to get obsorbed by certain people , this gives me hope that in the end they will come through and be able to return the dedication and maybe help some certain people who are on the same path they once was .

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