‘Reluctantly Psychic’ – A Collaborative Book by 44 Spirit Mediums!

We had just had a massive change in our World in March this year, as we entered a period of Lockdown in the UK. Due to an outbreak of the Covid Virus, our daily routines came to a halt overnight, and shops and businesses closed, as everything seemed to come to a standstill.

It was at this time my dear friend Dianne Pegler, another author, contacted me and asked if I wanted to write my story about my own Spiritual Awakening and submit it to Alison Ward, as she had been Guided to create a collaborative book around being Reluctantly Psychic.

I felt this was something I would love to do, and so put pen to paper. I hadn’t ever written anything like this before, but before I knew it the beginning of my story was on its way to Alison.

Altogether 44 authors were brought together and a book was written in just 16 days! How magical is that? 350 pages of true life experiences, written from the heart, without the majority of authors not even knowing each other, or had even met.

This book is filled with emotions, some heart wrenching stories, from men and women from all walks of life.  Many of whom denied and suppressed their psychic abilities in the beginning for fear of ridicule, being misunderstood, bullied or passed over for being “too sensitive”. Some people have had near death experiences, and this was their awakening moment.

Alison, herself was beaten and stabbed, and completely changed her life to help others that have suffered as she had with PTSD and anxiety. So many of these authors have spent their lifetime helping others, as therapists, counsellors, teachers and life coaches, to make a difference!

I bought my own copy of Reluctantly Psychic from Amazon for £14.44 and it’s also on Kindle for £5.55 as I couldn’t wait for my own personal copies to arrive from the printers. From the amazing cover, to the beautiful introductions to the authors, and dragonflies that are printed throughout, this is book filled with inspiration, love, hope and compassion for anyone and everyone, whether psychic or not.

It will help some people come to terms with their psychic gift and embrace it, not hide it away, or ignore it. For me, in writing my story, I hope it makes people feel they are not alone, that what they are experiencing is ‘normal’ and they should embrace that.

If you feel inclined to purchase a copy either through Amazon or a signed copy directly from myself at Chris.medium@i.cloud.com please do.

      • Written by Spirit Medium – Chris Gill

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