Two Sisters – A Spiritual Legend, Spiritual Book by Graham Adrian

TWO SISTERS                                     


Graham Adrian’s debut novel, based on a Suffolk legend, is a brilliant, historically accurate description of Georgian times including genuine dialect. But far more than this, it is a truly exciting adventure story that inspires us with beautiful writing to consider the possibility of an afterlife where our spiritual efforts on Earth are rewarded.

In 18th century England, life is tough for the Auldfield farming family but they are proud, hard-working people. Nance’s sorrow at her sister’s death is eased a little by falling in love, but this begins a sequence of devastating events that only seem to lead to one place – the gallows!

Unknown to her, she is guided by her sister’s loving spirit, trying desperately to avert the consequences of Nance’s reckless, if well-meaning, actions. Every reader will identify with our heroine’s good intentions – and passion! – and will follow the twists and turns of her adventurous life with baited breath…

About the Author

Graham Adrian has walked spiritual pathways throughout his life and has made a dedicated study of psychic phenomena, contributing to several Mind, Body & Spirit publications. In this, he has gained widespread respect for his wisdom, thorough research and profound historical knowledge.

Over the years, the desire grew to write creatively. Why not, he thought, create an adventure story from the perspective of both sides of life, the higher world intertwined with this Earthly one?

“The spirit world can appear remote,” says Graham, “but it is never more than a heartbeat away. And there are consequences for our every thought and action, both here and hereafter.”

Graham Adrian lives in London, UK.

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