The Art Of Spirit – Water Scrying

Phillip R. Wyatt is a Psychic/ Evidential Medium based in Atlanta GA USA, who specializes in Spirit rescue work helping Earth Bound Spirits to move on to the next dimension.

An experienced paranormal researcher with a special interest and extensive background in the study of ITC, Instrumental Trans Communication. He combines his beliefs in the afterlife along with his gifts as a Medium, and with science and technology to establish a connection and communication between the living and Spirit. He is the founder and administrator for the group The ITC Collaboration, a group of ITC enthusiasts.

Philip has been a featured speaker at the Dragoncon convention in Atlanta GA as a Lecturer in the Paranormal field. He has consulted with many Paranormal teams across the Country lending his Mediumship abilities as an adviser on difficult cases by easing fears, and connecting Spirits with their loved ones.  

Philip will also be featured in an upcoming documentary on Paranormal Case Studies being released in 2020.

“My  ITC focus has mainly been on audio communication with radios and recorders,  but  I have always been a Visual person, learning more by seeing than reading how to do something.  

Scrying, which I have always been curious about , is an Ancient form of Divination, a way of looking into the past, present and future by using a suitable medium such as a crystal ball, black mirrors or in my case, water. 

My process for Scrying is to first Meditate and set my intention. I then ask my Guides, Angels, Teachers and any Spirit of the Highest and Best to show themselves to me in the water. I use a stainless steel bowl with ordinary tap water. A combination of red, white or natural sunlight on the water. I then place my hand in the water to gently move it while filming the bowl with a video camera.

A session usually lasts approximately one minute. I then take still shots from the video of the Spirit images. With my trusted special connection with the Spirit world , I have been able to capture amazing, intriguing and thought provoking Images. Some may look grotesque or even frightening but to me they are each beautiful because I know they come from Love and Light.

I am happy to visually share with you that Spirit is all around us, and we are never alone…”

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  1. I saw your comments on Emily’s Prism podcast. Found my way here. I’m curious if using a thread and needle to find information is also scrying. I haven’t tried the water or a mirror. Is information more available thru the water or mirror?

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