Introspective Hypnosis Technique

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One of my great passions is past life regression and I am a qualified practitioner of the Introspective Hypnosis technique. So what is Introspective Hypnosis? Well, it was originally created by Aurelio Mejia (a Columbian Past Life Regression Practitioner). It has been translated into English, adapted and is taught by Antonio Sangio and Alba Weinman.

It’s a collection of overlapping and complimentary Hypnotherapy techniques that help you to explore and heal the body, mind and soul. These include Hypnosis, Forgiveness Therapy, Role Change, Past Life Regression, Spirit Assistance (aka Spirit Releasement), Soul Fragmentation and Recovery and Entrapment of the Soul.

Now that may sound a bit complicated, but in practice it means getting access to a person’s subconscious to look for the origin of psychological problems or psychosomatic symptoms such as fears, phobias, trauma and addictions. These can be caused by past events in this life or in a previous one. Other techniques within the Introspective Hypnosis family are then used to deal with any issues and bring relief.

Past-life recall comes from long-term memory stored in your subconscious. The soul’s history is stored in the Akashic Records which you are able to contact through your unconscious mind. Exploring your past lives can reveal a new understanding of your personality and purpose. This can explain why you are drawn to certain places, types of people or have a particular interest in something.

So, knowing the source of a problem is a key first step towards solving it. Introspective hypnosis is used to release emotional conflicts and look for the origin of psychosomatic diseases in order to find and remove the triggering emotion of the problem. Regression therapy is a technique in which hypnosis is used so that a client can safely remembers the moment at the root of their phobias, fears, sadness, anguish, eating disorder, low self-esteem, insecurity, pain, obesity, obsessions, allergies, addictions, etc. Other techniques, such as Forgiveness Therapy or Soul Fragmentation, are then used to understand the reason for a condition, forgive, accept and reframe it to generate a healing effect.

This is a very powerful, but gentle, technique. Experience over many therapies has shown me that it can have a profound effect on clients who are struggling with some conditions or are looking to undertake a journey of self-discovery I think Noah Centineo (American Actor) put it very well when he said, “If I can inspire one spark of awareness or get a spark of introspection or reflection about someone else’s life, that’s a beautiful thing, in my opinion”.

I’m Allison Biel and I provide online hypnotherapy services to clients around the globe using Zoom video conferencing. I am an award winning and fully qualified Past Life Regression specialist based in the UK.  I have a passion for it and am qualified in Introspective Hypnosis, Past Life Therapy and Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH).


Originally from South Africa, I have been settled in the UK for over twenty years. I speak English and Afrikaans and can provide sessions in either language. My aim is to help people overcome their personal obstacles by inspiring and facilitating change in their lives, in order to create a life full of purpose, meaning and joy.

My website is and I am on Facebook and have a you tube channel

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