The Bond of your Spiritual Family Transcends Time and Space

Earthly Family

The connection we feel with members of our biological family can not be denied.  A combination of our shared Earthly experiences and an unspoken Spiritual link keeps us connected, even when we are separated by distance or circumstances.  

From our Earthly perspective of time, which proceeds in one direction at a consistent pace, it is easy to construct your family history and understand what binds you together.

Friends are the Family you can Choose

Sometimes we can feel a deep connection with a person from outside our family group, such as a friend, colleague or partner.  

These could be members of your ‘soul group’; a group of spirits who some people believe we travel together with, teaching and supporting each other. Who knows… possibly those we meet as friends/partners along life’s path were close family members in previous lives!?

Members of your soul group can appear in your life at any time, for any period, just as you can in theirs; but there will be an important reason they have appeared.

It’s unlikely they will know the part they play in your Spiritual development, just as you won’t know when you have helped in theirs.  If we were aware of this during our time on Earth, it would likely affect the way we approached each other.

When Family Pass On

When it’s time for our family members to pass on to the Spirit realm we feel the loss acutely, and yet somehow still feel that Spiritual link with them.  That’s what gives many of us faith that life is eternal; a connection stronger than distance, circumstances and spiritual vibration.

And likewise our soul group can be split between the realms, each at a different stage of their development or ‘enlightenment’.