Past Life Regression as Therapy

Imagine that this is not the only earth life you have lived.  Supposed you lived on earth before, at another time and another place.  And then think about history; and life; and death; and how the world has changed.

When you have finished thinking about all of that, you will probably have come to the conclusion that if you have lived before, then you could be carrying quite a bit of baggage from past lives.

Some of that might explain the difficulties you may have in this life.  Fears, phobias, relationship difficulties, repeated unhelpful patterns, beliefs about yourself, beliefs about the world in general, beliefs about other people, they all have to have come from somewhere.

Some of it will probably be from your experiences this time around.  Who you know, who was around as you were growing up, the things that you have experienced, all affect how you feel and behave now, and what you expect from other people and the world.

But some of it could be from before.  And finding out about it could explain quite a lot.  And understanding could help you to use your intellect and logic to overcome the difficulties that are the result of past stuff.

The quickest and easiest way to find out about past lives as well as the past in this life is through hypnosis, helped by a qualified hypnotherapist.  You would be wise to always go to a qualified, registered professional hypnotherapist who could help you find out more about yourself.  There are associations that keep registers of properly qualified professionals and that is always going to be the safest way to go.

Hypnosis is a focussed state which allows the subconscious to communicate information to the conscious mind.  It enlightens you about all those things below the surface of the conscious mind, that you may not even know about.  If you are looking to solve a particular problem, the beginning of a hypnotherapy session will set out exactly what you are looking to find out about so that the subconscious can help find everything that is connected, from this life time and from previous ones if you are open to that.

If hypnosis is a step too far, you might like to try deep meditation.  You can meditate on your own, but it is always easier to gain a deeper level if you have someone sitting with you, guiding you in visualisation and able to ask you questions so you can fill in some of the details of what you are experiencing.

As a therapy, past life regression can be very effective in helping you to gain a greater understanding of yourself and assisting you to overcome some of the problems in life that keep you stuck, or negatively affect you.   Maybe you could give it a try?