Spirit Inspired Writing – ‘That Special Lady’ – Poem by Stan Thomas – Part 2

It was 6 years this March since my wife had passed on,
That Special Lady, I loved so very much, had gone.

I miss her so badly, I am so sad, my life is empty and bare,
That Special Lady, my other half, no one could compare,

The pain is still there, my heart feels so broken,
That Special Lady, please, one last Kiss, a Token,

Of our undying love, over 69 years together as one,
That Special Lady, to get over that, is sooner said than done.

There are so many memories, they are so clear in my mind,
That Special Lady is in all of them, I am sure I will find.

My loving wife, my bed mate, my friend, my best mate,
That Special Lady, who’s parting has left me in such a state.

So many nights, the tears flow so easily, they just don’t stop,
That Special Lady, was all I ever lived for – I don’t like being alone.

I open a draw, a cupboard, something reminds me in vain,
That Special Lady, she has gone, yes gone, I will never see again.

Her loving face, her complete devotion to our marriage and me,
That Special Lady, with all her problems, and her love to see.

She would inquire, if I was alright, or needed help of any kind,
That Special Lady would watch over me, so loving I find.

Where her love would encompass all that came by,
That Special Lady loved all that came nigh.

And now so she has gone, I miss her so much,
That Special Lady – my “JUNEY” – but most of all, her soft touch.

Sleep well my darling, be peaceful and rest,
That Special Lady who always knew best.

I kissed her lips, I gave her a hug, she gave a smile,
That Special Lady breathed her last breath, and passed away in my arms, such was her style.

So, once more, I Love You, and I miss you so,
That Special Lady that had to go.

So I came to a Spiritualist Church, so that I may hear,
From That Special Lady, whom I loved so much, I hoped to be near.

Farewell my Darling, my heart is so broken, I am lost to be explicit,
That Special Lady who passed away, and now is in Spirit.

So goodbye to my sweet love, my life is so empty, I will love you forever, my sweet June,
That Special Lady I long for, to be with you soon.

I sigh – My Special Lady – good bye.

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