Who Am I? By Chris Gill

‘Who am I? What do I see when I look within?

What is there beneath this skin?

Where is my spirit? Where does it hide?

What gives me such a sense of pride?

What makes me get up and go?

What is it that drives me so?

What gives me pleasure? What makes me sad?

Is this the life I should have had?

Have I done enough? What’s next?

What drives me on to do my best?

What gives me hope that knowing deep inside?

I will be given enough to survive.

I put my trust in the Spirit World

for there’s my guardian and my guide.

They will not forsake me and

will always be by my side.

They give me strength when times are rough.

They give me hope when nothing seems enough.

I will never walk alone.

My trust in them has simply grown

from small seeds into fields of green.

My strength, my hope, my everything.’

  • Poem By Spirit Medium Chris Gill

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