Spiritualist Churches Offer More than Just Mediumship

Mediums are a key part of the Spiritualist movement, but they are only one part of what Spiritualist Churches need to provide in our modern and diverse movement.

So much of the hard work that you’ll see in Churches and Centres around the world actually has nothing to do with mediumship or clairvoyance.  

It’s about supporting people at every challenging time in their lives and the community coming together for Earthly progression, as much as looking towards the Spiritual.  So, Churches need to offer a broad range of support to meet the needs of the whole person.

There are so many wonderful Mediums serving our communities by demonstrating their gifts and providing evidence of our core belief – that life continues after physical death. Often they travel many miles and receive only minimal expenses, and we bless them for their dedication.

Eternal life is such a fundamental principle of Spiritualism that truly gifted Mediums should rest assured that they will always be a key part of the movement.

However, to best serve our Spiritualist communities Churches need to be open to new ideas that support physical and mental health, bereavement, and self awareness.  As well as new ways to deliver those things such as via inclusive workshops, immersive experiences and even online streams. 

There is a lot of talk of the new age or awareness that the world is now entering, but the world has always been changing, and those who don’t accept that change can get left behind. 

Churches work hard for their communities and they deserve the support of Mediums, even if those mediums don’t want to take part in other aspects of the Church. The broad offerings at many spiritualist Churches means there is something for everyone.


Visit your local Spiritualist Church and find out what’s going on!

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