The Power of Distant Healing

Many people don’t realise that anyone can use distant healing, sometimes known as absent healing.  Everyone has the ability to send healing thoughts to anyone they want to.  You don’t have to follow any particular routine, and you don’t even have to know the person you are sending healing to.

A healing thought or prayer is composed of a sincere desire to see the person you are thinking of healed in mind, body and circumstances.  Often people feel more attuned to their healing abilities if they are sitting in a quiet place, having allowed themselves some time to withdraw from everyday things either through meditation or just sitting quietly.  Some people light candles and play music in the background to create a relaxed atmosphere.  Some people prefer to sit out in nature.

When the thoughts are turned to healing, you can ask your helpers to draw near to you, in the form of your guides, helpers or healing angels, or go directly to God or Jesus, or whoever you follow.  Ask them for what you want, tell them about the person you want the healing to go to and tell them about the problems that person is having.  Don’t forget to tell them about the outcome you want.

When you have done that, it is good to sit and focus on that person, creating a mental image of them fully healed in every way, and looking happy and contented.

You can be sure that having spent this time focussing on healing, that the healing will reach the person you have sent it to.  A whole network of unseen helpers will also be focusing on that person and helping them.

Healing can also be sent very quickly, just with a thought, if you see someone in need and aren’t in a position to stop and focus your thoughts in the way described above.

Give it a try if you haven’t before.  If possible, get some feed-back from the person you have sent the healing to, as this will help increase your confidence in the process.