Spirit Support Coming on a Dream

Being a part of lots of spiritual groups, I hear many different experiences that people have had with Spirit Energy, each is unique and each is special. But I was recently moved when I was told of a young lady’s first experience with Spirit… and what an experience it was – one she will never forget…

I have spoken about Spirit visiting us in our dream state and about how different the occurrence is to a ‘dream’ see post  http://www.thespiritualist.org/2015/11/04/dream-or-spirit/

And this lady was under no illusions – this was no ordinary dream – Spirit had come in to offer her support.

The weeks leading up to this event had been challenging, she had lost her dad to the spirit world when she was only 1 year old and has no recollection of him at all. She had recently discovered that he had died in tragic circumstances and there had been investigations into the cause of his death, upon going through files and details of what had happened she was overcome with heartache and pain. Justice had never been sought and she was contemplating taking the case on and fighting for such justice in his name. Difficult hey?!

She found herself feeling wary at the prospect of challenging those involved in the case and was so very close to giving up… it had been over 20 years since his death.

One night as she struggled to sleep, she was suddenly overcome with sensations she has never encountered before, her chest felt heavy and her body became weighted… she opened her eyes to see a man wearing a long black coat smiling at her at the bottom of her bed… he looked familiar, and she knew instantly that he was her dad… an aged version of the photo she had seen of him holding her in his arms as a baby. She felt overwhelmed with calmness and a sense of loving… She describes feeling like she was some place else – not in this world, lying on her bed… it was like she had left her body…

Upon coming back to ‘normality’ – whatever that is! She just knew that this was real – her dad had visited her, offering her support at a time that she really needed it. She couldn’t understand why he had been wearing such a striking long black coat, but as she explained to her mum the next morning, her mum took a gasp of breath as she explained that her dad had owned a long black coat and wore it often – he loved that coat!

This young lady was given love and encouragement from spirit at a time it was really needed – it gave her the knowing that she was doing the right thing and to carry on regardless of how tough it was going to be – she was not tackling this alone!