The Opening of a Healing Portal

What is a Portal?

A portal describes a ‘doorway’ or and ‘entry point’ that connects the physical world with the Spirit World, Spiritualists believe that portals allow Spirit to pass through, into our realm.

These special places, where the veil between the two worlds is particularly thin, can be present in a place / space or an item, such as a mirror or a piece of furniture. They are often near flowing water, naturally formed caves and stone circles like Stonehenge for example.

How to tell if there is a Portal?

People have described a portal as having a ‘different’ energy about it, the item or space gives them a unique feeling, a ‘felt sense’. Often feeling sensations across the body, perhaps a dramatic change of temperature, goosebumps, an electrical charge within their own energy field – within their aura, and of course Clairvoyants / Mediums will easily connect with the Spirits that are around.

As well as a higher vibrational energy, there is also likely to be a high level of Spirit activity going on around the area of the portal.

When a portal exists within someone’s home or somewhere that people gather in large groups – it makes sense that any activity would be much more noticeable. If it’s an item that has a portal for Spirit, then activity will occur wherever the item is placed.

How Can a Portal be Opened? 

I’m not sure how a portal can be opened, Spirit tends to choose where this occurs, but I believe that where there is a high vibrational energy, Spirit Portals are more likely, for example near a fast moving stream or a waterfall.

Also, places such as Spiritualist Centres and Churches are much more likely to have a Spirit Portal open. This is largely due to the high level of Spirit that are attracted and drawn to such places, by the practices of human energy elevation, like sitting in circle, practising clairvoyance, prayer, meditation, healing and any kind of energy work.

A Portal for Healing

Some portals can be used by us to channel healing energy through. A portal acts as an amplifier for the energy and prayer. The power of distant healing will only be elevated when sent through a portal.

How a Portal came to be Opened in Thundersley, Essex.

Members of Thundersley Christian Spiritualist Church have recently been guided to connect and send healing prayers through a Healing Portal that has been opened by an Elemental Guide in the Church grounds.

The Church garden has recently been brought back to life by one of the Churches committee members and her husband (Jill and David), who have spent over a year, working to clear the area of brambles and spiney bushes. Many, many hours of dedicated hard work have gone into creating a beautiful space, with the planting of hundreds of flowers, bulbs and shrubs.

It is now an area for the Church and community to be proud of, with the local wildlife benefitting. Various birdboxes have been put up and bird feed topped up regularly.

We are sure that all those connected to our Church, Spirit side, are as happy as those living and enjoying it now.

A Natural Place for a Spirit Portal

The area has a lot of high vibrational energy around it, people have felt spirit presence there many times over the years, there are plaques placed in memory of loved ones connected to the church, with Angelic Healing being channelled on the grounds – evidence of Light Codes have been captured in photographs taken. There have also been many Church Blessings, Prayers Groups and Positive Intentions sent out over the years too. So for all these reasons, it wouldn’t be a surprise to have a portal exist there.


And So, A Portal Has Been Opened

And as part of a channelled message from Spirit, Jill was given the following message;

‘I see a Moss Man – under stones (really large polished / round stones and pebbles), called ‘BANTOMIN’ – a green energy and colour, earthly.

An earthly being – he displays himself to be of an image, as he is an Earthly Guardian, he is one of many 100’s on the earth plane which can travel through many time zones.

‘My purpose of joining you today is I have waited for you, as I used to talk to you when you was six – in this life.  You had a brother who didn’t make the earth, older, two years older than you, his name is Geofrey – he is also aware of me and my kind.

My ability is to come and assist with changes in development – to make sure every stage moving upwards is done with a greater connection to Mother Earth. Now that you are aware of me, you can connect. When you feel you will need extra connection to below the earth – I can harness you – at a deeper level and be your Grounding Assistant.

Today’s purpose is because you have left your comfort zone! You have been allocated a special space…

You and those you trust must use that space you needed to touch – when there is any kind of tragedy in the world – this space can be used as a portal to send healing directly to the space / place.

Five large steps in all directions from that area… in a circle, use incense cones and intention prayers. Gratitude for all that you and your wondrous kind do – that none of us would dare to dream about.’
                                           – BANTOMIN March 2023

This channelled message came to Jill a couple of weeks after she had been guided to climb down into an area of the Church gardens to explore (something she hadn’t done before, due to how overgrown and uneven the ground was). She climbed down the ditch next to the memorial garden.

Jill had spotted two large stones which were covered in bright green moss and she felt they would be perfect in the little fairy garden area that she was working on. So she climbed down to get them. Having then placed them in a ‘special space’ she went about gardening and didn’t tell anybody what she had done.

So, it was a magical surprise when an Elemental Being – ‘Moss Man’, came through to her during the channelled message, above, to tell her about this special space that ‘she had touched’. A portal for healing had been opened in the garden!

There is a strong feeling of peace and tranquility in the portal area that BANTOMIN has opened for Healing. The connection to Bantomin and the Elemental healing guides is strong. The space has been used many times since with prayers and healing energies being focussed and sent into the portal for a world that is in so much need. Incense cones are being lit and lavender water being sprayed there regularly which is also helping to increase the love energy.

A blessing indeed…

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