Light Codes Appear in The Church Garden

There are many special spaces and places out in the world, where you can really ‘feel’ the love and peace energy that exists there. Often these spaces are religious buildings or are spiritually connected in some way.

I am sure that you have experienced such a space at some point in your life, times when you have simply stepped into a space and it’s energy has instantly given you a feeling of calm and of being at ease.

Perhaps a building was built with so much love so that energy sits within it, healing people for all of time? Like our little Church on the hill in Thundersley, Benfleet. Many years of fundraising by a small committee team was needed for our new Church space to be built – The Church was previously being run in a small wooden hut a little further down the hill.

One night Spirit visited one of the Church members (Mr. Alan Tomlin) in a dream and he was shown exactly how our Church should look… he remembered it the next day and quickly got it drawn out, ahead of much fundraising to get the money needed to make the building a reality – lots of love, joy and friendship was had between the church community, as they did all they could to get the land brought and the subsequent Church building completed. Many, many prayer sessions and callings to the Angel Realm for their guidance, support and help were had over a period of time.

In 1998 the Church was finished and opened – this was truly a space built with love, and the energy in and around the building was beautiful and full of Angelic Protection and Healing Light.

Over and over again people tell us how they get that feeling of ‘belonging’, of ‘love’, ‘peace’ and ‘healing’ as soon as they enter the Church grounds, they feel comforted just by being there. And I’ve lost count of the times that I have entered the space feeling down or with physical pain – and within minutes those down feelings are replaced by contented happiness and any pain disperses, from headaches to back pain – healed!

Angels are still called in often by members of the Church, we ask for their guidance and support, we ask for them to protect us, we ask them to help us in our healing work and we give grateful thanks to them for all that they do.

So it’s no wonder that we have had physical evidence of Light Codes in recent times – the Angels recognise and support the love that is around our Church, they gather there for all those who attend, helping us to elevate our souls and send healing energy out to the world.

Take a look at this photo which was taken in the Church grounds whilst some of our Church helpers and Committee were tending to the garden;


It’s no coincidence that a few weeks before this picture was taken a spiritual lady was channeling Angels for our congregation in the garden area!

Have you had physical evidence of Angelic Light codes? Please share below!

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