In any event, Spirit will be with You – Spiritual Address by David Grove

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Good evening to you all. I was very struck by the number of names that were given forward to healing. That was an amazing amount of need in this world. The healing, of course, we don’t know the various reasons. But it is just a wonderful opportunity for us to send the love out and the healing love from our hearts to those in need.

I was struck today by the lovely weather, but I do hope you enjoyed it, too. Because I was able to just get out into my garden for a while and do some remedial work. And it reminded me of the fact that when spring comes. It is a time for new life. This is a time, perhaps, when we can look forward to new things happening in our lives. I know we’re very constricted by what we can do in the way of life at the moment. This is very difficult for many, particularly those who live on by themselves.

But nevertheless, spring comes with new life, as I said. And this is an opportunity, perhaps, for us to reflect. And to talk to Spirit and to see whether a spirit has some new ideas for us as we go forward. It is very important that we don’t just sit around, spirit doesn’t want that, spirit wants us to be open. Open to new ideas. Maybe perhaps new challenges of which are quite indeed challenging. Maybe you and I are happily going along, doing just what we are doing in our spiritual lives.

Perhaps some of us are mediums, some of us healers. But then spirit may be saying to us if we listen, that here’s another way for us to go forward. It’s a new challenge we want to open the way for you, a new gateway and such a challenge as that is just wonderful, isn’t it? If we’re prepared to listen. If we’re prepared to make the change that we have been given, of course we have free will.

But that change that can happen can bring forth that new life. Just as we’re seeing the daffodils coming out, the tulips and gradually the trees will come into greenery. And we feel so much better in ourselves, don’t we? And Spirit want us to feel the very best. And to be doing the very best. And so I leave you with that challenge, perhaps, that you might in the coming week, just reflect in your quiet time with spirit.

As to whether there are new opportunities or challenges for you or whether you are truly blessed doing exactly what you’re doing. In any event, Spirit will be with you. Spirit will be blessing you as we go along and let us all count our blessings.

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