Divine Energy Which Resides Within Each and Every Living Thing by Lawrence Savill

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Good evening. Thank you very much for inviting me tonight to be a part of this wonderful, lovely reading. Thank you very much. It’s one of those readings, actually,  think I prefer to go back and read again, because when we actually read the words and see the words set out in front of us, they take on this whole new life, this whole new energy, and this whole personality to us. And then this is one of the wonderful things about the spiritual understanding that we actually acknowledge when things resonate with us. Gone are the days of dry readings and people just saying things as an incantation and being separate from it.

With spiritualism and spirituality, we are taught so much that we are spirit we’re spirit here and now, living this human existence, not the other way around. So even in that little glimpse of knowledge, of understanding, of perception, it changes slightly our attitude and our way of understanding the third world and our spiritual journey even here, the friendship of the animal kingdom.

They come to us, they draw to us. They are drawn by our life. Animals will come close to some people and pull away from others. So thank you, Charie (Lawry’s pet Cat who walked across the screen during this reading), for that practical demonstration. That is so true, isn’t it?

Because our religion actually means something to us, whether you call it religion, philosophy, understanding way of life, it really, really matters more that it’s personal to us. And one of the great tenets of spiritualism is personal responsibility. I know that that’s given through the mediumship of Emma Hardinge Britten in the seven principles of spiritualism which was given to everybody. And it was such a leap forward of that time.

Because these principles just really resonate with us and some of our own responsibility and the many, many levels that we can take that on. I must admit, when I first started in spiritualism and came across principles, personal responsibility meant nothing more than making sure I was dressed and clean, and that was about it. But as we developed, as we open up ourselves to spirit and spirit influence as well because is so important, that really is.

I have a very strong passion for saying that we are all mediums and a lot of people take that in the wrong context or the wrong energy or the wrong light, whichever way you feel like saying that everybody can give each other messages. To a degree we can, but not this direct evidential mediumship that medium’s on platforms practice. A medium is a person who receives information from spirit, so on that basis we are all open to the mediumship of philosophy for understanding of healing, which is our greatest gift.

Of art, of literature, of health care, of all sorts of things, because when we devote ourselves, when we give our time and our energies in service to others, no matter how that manifests, whether you be beyond a till on a church platform or a bus driver or whatever, you have got that being of service aspect and you have got that ability also there to be the world’s grumpiest bus driver who everybody thinks, I’m not going to get on this bus.

Or you could be the world’s happiest bus driver where people can go, ‘I love getting on this bus’ because it’s all down to our own personal choice. We can’t all go around being happy all the time.

We can’t all go around with this big smile on our face or some of the ideas and the thoughts and the teachings and spirit is to help us grow and evolve and understand that we are all individuals here at this time, though connected in many ways, we are on our individual pathways. And each and every one of us is on an individual path. And if sometimes pathway’s conflict, we have two choices. Again, how we handle that, do we conflict back or do we just say, OK, that’s fine and walk away?

So it’s all about growth. It’s all about learning and going deeper within. We sometimes tend to follow the Eastern philosophies, way of reaching out, reaching out, reaching out all the time. I prefer the inner journey, the finding out about me. Since coming into spiritualism, there’s a lot of assets and assets of my life that I’ve let go put to one side because they no longer had the appeal. They no longer have the allure that they held before.

And they have been replaced by so many things, so many countless things. I marvel and I just love being open to spirit where I am currently in this stage, the small little things that come in and some people could be, you know, we could all dismiss these things as a coincidence. But, you know, well, a lot of the time, they really are not coincidences. They are just that little prompt from spirit, that little message to say, I’m here, I’m thinking of you, or you are on the right path.

And that is what we need.

We just need that little bit of surety to reassure us or indeed, are you sure you’re on the right path, is another message commonly given that we can tend to dismiss that as ours coincidence?

Oh, it’s just silly oh, it’s nothing. You know what? A lot of the time it is something given to us and attuning ourself. Also with spiritualism, we can contact the divine energy which resides within each and every living thing. The whole of this planet is linked through that divine energy, without that divine energy, it would not exist. I’m looking out the window here and I can just see the beauty in nature, even in a small back gardens down the road.

The trees, birds, flowers coming in, even the freshly mowed grass, wonderful somehow. But it’s all proof and part and parcel of this divine energy that permeates the living energy in every aspect of this world and of ourselves. And that is an energy and a form that we ourselves been forced to look at over the last year. Our very mortality has been challenged. And you see this echoed now by I’ve never seen so many people holding hands when they walk down the high street because they’ve been new found.

Celebration of their partnership, likewise, there have been partnerships that have come apart because we all change so much, we all look to our life and what we were satisfied with if that withstood the test of the last year, we’re not just satisfied now with it. We actually celebrate it and are thankful for it. And similarly, if there were things in our life that we thought we were satisfied with or the thought of shedding whatever from our lives was.

Too hard, too soon, too difficult too uneasy just to put up and shut up energy.

Again, these things have happened, we’ve seen partnerships dissolve, partnerships arise, we’ve seen all sorts coming in, and all these things are meant to be we’ve gone through huge, huge, huge shift at this time.

And it’s one that will continue going. It is one that will continue going, because as we emerge now again from our third lock down here in the U.K. and the joy are sat in a pub garden and I only had a coffee, but, you know, it was the best thing in the world.

But with that comes also this realisation. That although we are returning to that which we call normal, it’s no longer normal to us and I put that down greatly to that we aren’t those people anymore. We are not the person who, on the 26 of March last year, felt that feeling of dread when the first lockdown was imposed. We’ve grown. We’ve evolved with change. We’ve moved on. We’re coming back into the familiar surroundings. But we are coming in with different energy, different understandings of spiritualists and spiritualism, you know, we should be more open and more attuned to that because you are seeing with people still very, very much the fear factor when they walk down the street, the over-exaggerated avoidance of other people is one of the most commonest manifestations.

The head with the chin tucked into the chest, walking down the street is another. But we are attuned to spirit. We are open to that thought that, number one, the most important thing, there is no death. Easy to say, but when you really get to grips with it, it’s a life changer. It really is, because when we fully understand that there is no death gives this life, even more meaning and even more purpose, because we can move on in that way of not being so much in fear of the future.

Yes, we’ll go through tests. Yes, we’ll go for our own tribulations. That’s undoubted because it is some of our development and our growth.

But that one truth, that one unerring truth, that you get evidence of time and time and time again with the messages from loved ones, those little pertinent points, the most simplest of things, which to anybody else would be nothing but to you means the world. We have that knowledge and now as we start to once again go out, meet people, start to go into places.

Recognise the change. Be aware of that change and accept it. Don’t be fearful of it. You know of this and say this fear factor in people is this underlying sense of unsureity. And I always walk down this street, but it feels different. I don’t understand it. We, as spiritual beings and spiritual pathway have that awareness and we have the ability to try and understand it, to look at what’s happening around us, look at ourselves and ask for guidance, ask for help.

You know, we are the world’s worst and I am certainly top of the list, but that of when we are in a bit of a pickle of not asking just for help or for guidance, for the times we do it, it can come in just a word, a phone call, a letter, a programme on the television or radio, a song. But just that little bit of guidance, that little bit of help. So thank you.

Thank you so much for that reading tonight. It does mean a lot because understanding that thought that creation in our own mind of what God is to us and each and every one of us has our own God of our own understanding. We’ve examined we’ve revisited that, we’ve restrengthened that link. So that will bring us a great deal of strength, a great deal of help and a great deal of compassion and understanding as we more and more start to go out into the world.

Thank you for listening.

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