I Know that She’s there Spiritually- A Mother’s Day Address by Lynne O’Brien

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I never really know what I’m going to talk about, and I was going to sort of look for a little poem thing, but I thought, no, let me just think of something. That I can relate to with my own mum, but she’s now spirit side. So it’s something that I thought I’d share with you. My mom died probably about twenty three years ago now. It just seems like yesterday, especially with days like this, where,  when our mums are around us and close to us, whether they be in spirit or on the earth.

But there was one thing when I started doing this, my mom sort of got me into this. She was very much into the spiritualist stuff. And as i was young we used to go to the churches with her and when I had a chance to sit in a circle and do all this, I was always like, nah, I know this won’t work for me, but, you know, they pick us. We don’t pick them, do we?

They pick us. They tell us that we’re going to be working for spirit. That’s what we do. And from that really I never really saw my mum come to me in my dreams as much, you know, like it seemed to, detach, I suppose in a way. I just never saw her as much. I just didn’t for some reason, I always wondered why.

When I had my Daughter, my mum was passed away. My daughter was only two years old when she passed away. And my mum was very, very close to my little girl. And I can always remember as she grew up, thinking along I would love, absolutely love my mum to see her and, you know, like I say, she never come to me in my dreams or anything, I just found it really difficult and couldn’t understand why this was, one day I just sort of said, I really, really would like you to come mum and just see her and let me know somehow or some way that you’ve seen her and, you know, give me a little message or something like that.

So anyway, I never really went to church, never really got a message from my mum. But there was this one particular night and I went to sleep. And I had this dream, and it was as if I was living back where I used to live with them in the house we grew up in. I remember going into the house and opening the door there, and my daughter was there in the house, and I remember looking at her and her sort of shaking her head and I was thinking, why are you here?

You wasn’t here when I lived here. And I remember her shaking her head sort of going, yes. And I said, where’s nanny. And I don’t even know why I said that. And she pointed upstairs to where she would have been in her bedroom. So I went up the stairs and there was my mum sitting on the edge of the bed. And all she had to do was nod and smile at me as much as to say I’ve seen her, I’ve come to see her, and I just want you to know that I’ve been to visit you.

And that was just such a lovely feeling for me. I sort of woke up the next morning feeling like it was real. When you have those dreams that are so real, and thinking I now know that I can rest, that she’s seeing her as an adult rather than a small child, you know, and that just made me so happy to know that she had been back to visit me and seeing her. It was breathtaking, so then from that day, I’ve never had  another dream with her in or anything like that since, you know, but it was just that nod of approval of agreement that I’ve seen her and I want you to be at peace, but I know that she’s wonderful as I thought she was!

It’s almost like we often, take our mums for granted when we’re younger, don’t we? And we always like, oh, you know, I’m going out and I don’t care what you say, but as you get older, you appreciate them a lot more, especially when they’re not living on the earth anymore.

And they’re in the spirit world. There’s not a day goes past when I don’t think of my mum or think I’m going to pick up the phone and give her a call knowing, and even twenty three years later, I can’t do that. So, yeah, I just wanted to share my own experience really with you about my mum and how I know now that she’s there around me, even though I don’t necessarily see her physically standing next to me.

I know that she’s there spiritually. God bless you all. Thank you for listening.

Spiritual Address given any Spirit Medium Lynne O’Brien during Divine Service on 14th March 2021.

Source: Thundersley

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