Gratitude Thinking Brings Abundance – Spiritual Address by Helen Ayres

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Good evening, everybody. It’s wonderful to be back here with you this evening. And tonight I’ve found a beautiful poem that I want to read to you, and then I want to do a little talk about the poem that I found. Actually, the poem is called;


Kindness breaks down barriers
With words, a smile, a touch,
It links us all together
In a way that says so much.

It shows concern for neighbours,
For communities and friends.
To be there for each other,
Is the message Kindness sends. 

Reaching out in friendship.
Taking time to show you care.
Being the anchor in their stormy lives
When they’re drowning in despair,

Kindness is essential.
It’s resilient and tough.
A global glue to bind us
All with gentleness and love.

And that poem was written by a lady called Yvonne Ugarte, and she’s actually a carer,quite like myself, actually, and I just thought how beautiful the words were to the poem, I just loved it and it brought a tear to my eye. So I wanted to read that to you. But I want to tell you. It’s so important to show kindness and love. As we don’t know what a person might be going through in their lives.

And just because someone wears a smile, it doesn’t mean that they’re OK. They might just need a listening ear or a hug or some emotional support. I had it just recently with a lady who lost her mum back in June. And she thanked me for her message and said that I had saved her from taking her own life, to which I felt very emotional. I was pleased that it gave her great comfort and peace in knowing that’s her lovely message from her beautiful mum.

Gave her a reason to keep going. But also that we as mediums, do have a very big responsibility. For the way in which we deliver our messages. At the time I received her message, it was very overwhelming for me, but in my heart I felt great peace for knowing I could help and give her great comfort. It was a situation I’ve never found myself in before. It did give me great insight to the power of the spirit world.

Please be kind to one another. And maybe if we all think before we speak. As our words could be so powerful. And I just want to leave you with. So a few affirmations, I feel that affirmations are really powerful, and if said frequently, they can really bring about quite a lot of strength in people’s lives. Every thought you think and every word you speak is an affirmation. For me, peace of mind, loving myself is the most important state I can experience.

In the midst of chaos, I can be tranquil, tranquility is inner peace. Let us begin right now in this moment to choose love. It is the most powerful healing force that there is. Gratitude thinking brings abundance. I choose to see clearly with my eyes, eyes of love. I love what I see. You are unique, beautiful souls. I have made negative choices in my past, but this does not mean that I’m a bad person, nor that I am stuck with these negative choices.

I release all judgments and love myself unconditionally, and I just feel that an affirmation is very powerful and it can really bring that positivity to our lives and saying them daily, can bring that light to the darkness spirit, walk with us and guide us every single day. You are never alone. Your loved ones more than ever at this time, want to connect and bring you that comfort and bring you that love and support. You’re never alone. They walk beside you each and every day, and I wanted to say thank you so much for listening, everybody.

Thank you so much.

Source: Thundersley

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