Keep The Flame of your Candle Burning Bright – Spiritual Address by Matt Grogan

Hi everybody, thank you for having us here at Thundersley Church. I was very much inspired by the candle that was lit by the chair at the beginning of the service. In these difficult times it’s sometimes difficult to see the light, but just like that candle that burned bright, we’ve all got to hold on to so much. We’ve got to hold on to what we believe to be right. The one thing that’s right is that of the light.

The light burns bright inside every one of us. We’ve all got our own different personality. We’ve also got our different beliefs, different opinions of what’s right and what’s wrong. But irrespective of our own individuality, it’s that light that’s so precious in each and every one of us, that light that radiates from our hearts and shows other that this hope. It radiates from our heart and says that no matter what, there is always love. Radiates from our hearts and said there is light mindedness.

Cooperation, friendship and understanding in each and every one of us. I want to think about the flame of the candle, just keeps burning and burning, and the only time it ever goes out is when the candle has totally disappeared or when we actually blow it out. Other than that it keeps burning, it keeps shining and it keeps radiating. The power gets stronger and stronger. Has such a beautiful flame, it also has a beautiful smell that comes from the burning wax. The colour of all different shades of orange and yellows and reds. It flickers from time to time, but no matter what, it never goes out.

There are times that we’re challenged as individuals, as believers, people will say to us ‘I don’t believe in what you believe. You know, something must be wrong with you. How can you believe in Spirit?’ The one thing we hold on to is the light of Jesus, the true nature of spirit. Our core beliefs that we believe to be right, and those beliefs are just like that candle. We understand that one day the candle will go out, but along the way, it will continue to burn brighter and brighter. If you now think of the candle again in the church, at this time of the year at Christmas, we all get together. We all have our own candles and we each light our own candle and the flame spreads, and it burns brightly and then we pass it to somebody else and their candle burns brightly. This is just like the congregation at Thundersley and all the other churches all around the world. It doesn’t matter what denomination, what creed, what religion, because we’re all one. We have Lord, God, The Father. That allows us to know that everything’s going to be OK. We also know that as we go on in our lives, in order to make that candle burn brighter.

That we need to add extra energy to it. Our own beliefs, our own knowledge, we need to expand our mind. We need to understand who we are. I’m sure throughout your lives you’ve understood that there have been times that have been challenging, the times you want to turn your back, there’ll be times that you have thought, I wish you would have come into this way of life a lot sooner than what I have done. But you’re meant to come in the time that you’re meant to, you have meant to, allowed your candle to burn at the right time. To ignite that passion, that spark within you, that sole purpose in that journey.

We were walking around today, probably about four or five o’clock, just before the service, we saw the many different Christmas lights and the people putting up the lights outside their houses, all the different reindeers, all the flickering snowflakes. Just like the candle, these are people trying to celebrate a difficult time, but also to bring happiness. They’re trying to bring the true nature of Christmas in their own individual way. There are different types of lights, the Christmas tree, the reindeer the snowflakes and the icicles. It’s wonderful to see so much light radiating down the street, and for those that have not yet got the Christmas decorations, you see the children sticking their heads out of the bedroom window with the lights on and the darkness outside and the lights on the street protecting everybody and making sure that everyone’s safe.

Our candle does the same thing. It’s our own nature, our own belief. Our sense of knowing. That puts that light on, that allows others to be guided on the right path. Some of you may not have yet discovered your journey, you may still be learning, some of you may be mediums and guiding people and giving messages out. Some give healing, others spiritual healers, complementary therapists, or simply through your words or the fact that you listen.

For others, you are doing your spiritual work by teaching, keeping the doors of the many churches open. Ensuring that lights are on, and the candle burns brighter and brighter, week by week and showing the message goes forward. So as you go about your business this week, think about how you can make your life burn brighter. Is it through your deeds? Is it through your actions? Is it through a caring word? Or simply a smile.

It doesn’t matter. Just make sure that your candle never goes out both within you or when passing it on to another person, because your candle is the one that lights all of the others and the candle, that is the one that is special. Thank you for listening. God Bless.




Source: Thundersley

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