Frank White, My Journey with Spiritualism (4 parts)

My Journey with Spiritualism – Part 4.

Over the last 4 years I have attended Psychic Weekends, Advance Mediumship Courses, Trance Mediumship Courses and sat in an Advance Circle. In March 2017, I learnt to read Cards, and then in the following August I learnt Tarot. For a long time I only read for friends and family, then in December 2019 a lady came to our Healing Day and asked if someone could give her a reading, unfortunately we didn’t have anyone, but I looked at this lady and I just knew I couldn’t let her leave without trying to help her. I said to her “if you can wait until I have locked the Church I could come to your home and do a Card Reading for you if that helps?” She accepted my offer, as I read all the emotion and troubles just flowed from her,  and through the cards I was able to offer her some comfort and guidance for the future. I came home and thought well if I can read for a lady who one hour before I’d never met I can read for anyone. So I looked at my options and decided a Facebook Page was the way to go. On 14th February 2020 Silver Wolf went live, it was slow but steady at first. I had a reading with a Medium and she said ‘Spirit is telling me that in March you will have all the requests for Card reading you can handle’. I really couldn’t see how that was going to happen, but I took it on board. On the 23rd March, as we now know, Lockdown started and the membership of Silver Wolf doubled almost overnight. Trust Spirit, they know about things. On 22nd March our first online service was broadcast and I read cards as part of it, and months later I’m still there. 

So how do I feel now? Well I feel I am standing at a threshold waiting for the door to open and when it does I feel there are new opportunities waiting for me. I don’t know what they are at the moment, but I know Spirit is telling me I need to be ready and available to grasp these opportunities. I feel that our Church is where this will happen. I am excited with anticipation, but I must be patient, Spirit will decide when the time is right.

When I first sat in Circle nothing seemed to happen for a long time, others kept saying to me ‘it won’t happen like St Paul on the Road to Damascus’. Well I have to tell you for me it did. I met a Medium who said she could help me, I trusted her and suddenly it happened. It all came to me and everything I got was spot on, and I’ve never looked back, that Medium will always be my inspiration. So don’t let anyone tell you how it will happen or how it won’t happen, trust Spirit. When the time is right it will happen for you, it’s different for everyone.

In 4 years I have learnt and achieved so much, I will never forget where I came from or who helped me on my journey. I am grateful to Thundersley Christian Spiritualist Church for all their help and encouragement, and to all the Mediums out there that have helped me. We never stop learning, someone can walk through the door for the first time and say or do something you have never thought of or tried, and in the moment you have learnt something. I don’t know where my path will lead me but I’m being told by Spirit that I need to teach others what I have already learnt so maybe that is my path, we’ll see, Spirit will decide.

I will always be grateful to my Grandmother for her inspiration and for guiding me to come to our Church 4 years ago, without that I wouldn’t be where I am today. I will always be aware that it is not about what it does for me, but what I can do for others.


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  1. Have just finished reading the 4 part journey and found it inspiring. Thank you Frank

  2. Thank you for your lovely story of your journey. It was most interesting to read. Good luck with your journey going forward.

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