The Power of Thought – Spiritual Address by Ray Prendergast

Good evening, everybody. God bless you friends, I want to talk about and really want I just want to pass across to you is just I don’t feel that I want to preach or say that what people should and shouldn’t be doing, but just some ideas and some thoughts that help pass through times and different sort of situations and how we apply ourselves.

One of the biggest things that’s crossed my mind that was brought up to slap me in the face was the fact that the power of thought, and how much what I could put forth produces my own thought. I would be doing I would find myself in a situation and I would be getting all pent up and I would be getting all eaten up. I’ve been thinking, you know, this is going to happen, I reckon that’s going to happen.

I’ll give you an example, because one day once when I was younger, once that I was younger, I used to play my mum up and my mum used to say to me, you wait till your father gets home, he’ll sort you out. And this used to send me into quite a situation where I’d be fearful, where I think he’d come in the door and well, I don’t know what he was going to do. Perhaps it was the end of my life as I knew it, but I built all this big situation up about what was going to happen.

Finally the end of the day came and there was a knock on the door and it was my dad. I was standing there trembling, my mum answered the door to him, he came in, sat down, ate his dinner and fell asleep while I was absolutely astounded. I mean, the first thing that came out of it proved to me that there was a God. But the second thing that really struck me, it made me realise that all the energy and all the thoughts that I put into what my dad was going to do to me and I built this energy to such a degree that I became nervous, I became agitated and I became stressed.

It just proved to me that if I could build up a situation within my mind that wasn’t actually a reality, but I made it within my own mind. How much further now could I go? To change my life, to change my thoughts, to change my actions by just the power of thought. And when I say just by the power of thought, I mean like in the perception of what we say to ourselves, we are going to do this, I’m going to push myself to do this.

I’m going to approach this this way. I’m going to say this because this doesn’t make me feel happy. I’m going to say that because it doesn’t make me feel happy and it’s just a matter of getting the thoughts right in our mind that we’re comfortable with. So that will give us strength and it will give us the courage to use these thoughts to make a difference within our lives and within our perceptions. Now, usually we find that when we find ourselves in times of trauma and of great, great turmoil, we usually tend to turn to our emotions and we look at things from an emotional point of view.

Usually when we look from an emotional point of view, a lot of our reactions are usually gut reactions, reactions just to try to get what we need to say. We don’t care whether it’s wrong, right or indifferent. Sometimes we just feel that we need to vent certain emotions, but if we can just sit and take our time. Realise that in times of emotion, if we can just sit ourselves down and try and talk to ourselves, try to talk ourselves down so that we can become logical. Then when we’re logical, we can tend to look at our situation and we’re a much, much better judge and we have a much better understanding of what needs to be done or what we need to do. I think, like most of the time, we all get lost within our own thoughts, in our own minds, we’ve kind of made decisions that we’re not sure about should we seek the advice of other people and we seek the advice of mediums. Let me say to you friends is there’s no greater medium that walked this Earth than the one that is within yourself.

The undiscovered person, the undiscovered real you. The part of you that knows all, sees all and has the answers to all. So if we’ve got this wealth of knowledge and this understanding deep inside. Why can’t we just pull on it and decide that this is done and that’s done? The reason why we can’t do that is usually because we don’t have confidence in ourselves to reach that part. We don’t manage to calm ourselves down or get non emotional, which will stop us from entering that pathway into that knowledge. Or basically just the knowledge is coming through anyway, and we tend to deem it to be of our own mind and not worth listening to. 

At the end of the day, we’re going to go our own sweet way and not listen to what our skull has to tell us. I have certainly on many occasions done things that I know not to be right or not to be the right path, but myself is saying to me, Ray don’t do that, don’t do that. But I decide to do what I decide is right, and off I go and I make all these headstrong decisions against what I’m being told by my inner self. When they don’t turn out the way that I’d expect them to, I say to me, well I knew that, but I decided not to listen anyway, because I thought I knew better. So with these experiences we begin to understand and accept the knowledge that is within and begin to listen to it and begin to let it guide us. As we move on, we begin to have faith, we have faith in ourselves and we have faith in others and we have faith in the world. We still have to be careful where we put so much faith because not everybody is out to help us. But surely it’s a great movement to go forward. And to move out of a life that perhaps we’re not happy with or perhaps a life that we can’t see living.

There’s one definite thing about the way we are and who we are, and there’s one constant thing. That is that there will be change that will be coming, and it comes to all of us, things don’t stay as they are. Things do move on, life changes, we change. So, as I say to you now, I don’t try to sell you an ideology of what you should or shouldn’t be doing. All I’m asking is that you just give yourself a chance. To listen to yourself. To link in with yourself, to give yourself the answers that you need and positive people around us. 

From that, we can all begin to grow. Let’s all accept that none of us are islands, let’s all accept that we all need a little bit of help at times. Let’s all accept that none of us are perfect and that we get things wrong, and if we don’t get things wrong, we will never learn.

Getting it wrong at times, perhaps sometimes is just as important as getting it right, because then we have the knowledge and wisdom to know the difference between ourselves. So friends, as we move forward into this time of COVID and of great trauma, just think to yourself. Send your love to the people that have passed and lost their loved ones. Know that they’re on the other side and the anguish pain has left them. They’re free now.

Know that as they are free, you can begin to rejoice to know that they’re happy. Then in turn, with your life changes and your life experiences, again, your life will become happy and complete. It’s all just a matter of time friends. It’s a matter of understanding. It’s a matter of understanding who and what we are, where we are, and understanding that none of us is perfect. So if there are things that should have been said that weren’t said or there’s any nastiness just try and hold it in your mind.

No one’s perfect. Forgive yourself or forgive others, but forgive what’s been said to you, and forgive what you’ve said to others, so thank you for listening. I hope I haven’t rambled on too much, and I hope it’s made a little bit of sense. 

I will say God bless you friends. Bring that positive attitude. Positive love. And go forward with love, God bless you friends.

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