It’s Okay To Reach Out – Spiritual Address by Lainey Baine

Good evening, everyone. What we just heard with the reading and the different stories there is, and I’m reading also the healing requests, on the down the column on the right hand side of my screen and to suffering a recent loss on Thursday of my baby sister is so this isn’t about me. It’s about each and every one of us and.

It’s knowing when to ask for help. It’s knowing that we’re allowed to cry, it’s knowing that. We have the choice to reach out and touch the cloak of whomever, obviously nowadays social distancing involved, but what I’m getting at is to know that you don’t suffer on your own. There are people out there. There are agencies out there. The Samaritans, there’s Mind. There’s all kinds of help and support. There are family, no matter what your dynamics are in your family.

Just look at how small and short our lives really are and just know that you can – and maybe, what we argued about doesn’t mean a thing really does it. Ask yourself, you know, what can you do to get over this. Maybe, make that phone call. I’m going to write that note, that letter, from a place of love and that puts the ball in their court. Just look at those things that are trivial. At the end of the day, you need to ask for that healing as well.

And I notice one or two of you have asked for healing for yourselves tonight, not just for everybody else, and your loved ones. You have got to look after you, because if you don’t, how can you help others? It really is okay to ask for healing for yourself. It’s okay to reach out and touch that cloak – as the lady in the bible touched Jesus’ cloak. This is all done with such love and such healing for those that didn’t have their loved ones in mind, not read out or in the healing book.

Please know that I’ve got my candle as well. And I’ve read each and every message that you’ve written on the live feed so far. And I’ve been sending that love and that healing out to your loved ones in spirit. Your loved ones that are poorly and to you…

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