Recovering – A poem and spiritual address from Bill Hughes

Hello there, everybody. Good evening and welcome to Thundersley Christian Spiritualist Church. My name is Bill Hughes and I’m going to be your medium/demonstrator this evening. But before I go into my demonstration of mediumship, I’d love to share a poem with you all this evening that I’ve self penned. And off the back of that, I’ll just have a little bit of a chat with you all tell you why I was inspired to write this. So this poem is titled;


I am recovering.
ering from everything I’ve allowed you to know.
Everything everyone thought they knew.
Rebuilding self restoration piece by piece.

I am recovering.
Stripped me bare to seek what you find.
Beware, it is buried deep.
Beyond the skin and the skeletal frame.
am the padlock. You are not the key.

I am recovering.
Recovering from the hurt, Shame.
Judgment and labelling. The disappointment.
Written off by the people that are supposed to love me.

I am recovering.
Whilst I am repairing, you are learning.
Learning I 
am human and like you,
I have a need, a purpose, a passion, a want a
nd a place to belong.
My right to be me. Free to find my way – t
he new me.
The suppressed version concealed beneath the persona.
You have only known. Or have chosen to see.

I am recovering.
Recovering to be free.
Newborn, a phoenix rising. Dispersing the past.

Displacing the ones you knew.

I am recovering.
A living, breathing example. Inspirational.
A diamond in the rough. Polish my facets, if you dare.
The presence of your inferiority.
So laugh. Taunt. Let me be your example.
Let me be everything you fear.
But remember…
I am recovering.

And I was inspired to write that because as humans. We’re so good at building other human beings up. But we seldomly spend that time and that purpose that we so deserve on our own selves, and it’s difficult when we’ve all been through experiences and lessons in life and I must stress lessons, not mistakes. 

It’s difficult for us to address those, and until we do, we can’t become the people that we are today and these experiences and these lessons, that present themselves to us throughout our life, many different stages of our lives, are there for a purpose. They’re there for our own self-worth, for our own self development, for us to actually acknowledge. That we are an individual, that we do have our place, our birthright upon this earth, and we do have that mark to make on this earth, however big. However small, that may be, and once we’ve acknowledged that worth within our own self.

It’s only then when we are happy with who we are, that we can then impact others and be around others and help and inspire them to change the ways, all the difficulties that they may be facing. So I hope that that little address that I’ve just given and shared with you all there touches just one of you, this evening, and should it have done that, then I‘ve done my job as a medium by sharing my inspiration with you all this evening. 

So thank you so much for listening. And God bless you all. 

Source: Thundersley

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