We’re All Spirit Beings- Spiritual Address by Martin Quigley

Good evening, everyone. Thanks for joining. Yeah, just sitting here listening to the reading and thinking about the address for this evening, I didn’t plan anything. It’s really, you know, what’s close to my mind and I dare say a lot of your minds at the moment, and that is the crazy times we’re going through. I see you there. Yeah. I mean, I use a lot of analogies and if you can all try and bear with me.

We all come here and we’re all spirit, all of us, we’re all spirit beings, we all get brought down here from the spirit world and we come down for the journey, our own independent journeys in life. And every single one of us is built differently, completely different stories and we’ve got no choice but to go with what’s in front of us. You know, we’ve all had the good ‘ups’, the fantastic times, the joyful side. 

We’ve had all the downsides. We’ve all lost people to the spirit world. And, we’re going through a part of human history at the moment that more than likely will stand out when we’re long gone. Much like our parents, grandparents and so on and so on have done. When I actually analyse and break it down, there is probably many of us that are very confused. Currently, with the world situations – I know Thundersley, Essex are in a higher lockdown than I am in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. 

And who knows what’s going to happen tomorrow or next week? I always try and keep the faith and thats my main point, I always say to myself, keep the faith, because throughout history – our parents, grandparents and friends and relatives have been before us, they’ve all seen very strange times in history – the wars they’ve lived through. And what we’re going through now could well in years to come, be looked back upon and similar to that, who knows? 

Who knows when this is going to end. Months time, years time. But for me, I always try and look at the bright side of things and I don’t want to be pessimistic or put people on a downer this evening. I’m trying to put perspective on it. Imagine what your loved ones and my loved ones went through in their lifetimes. Our parents and grandparents, how brave they were at times in certain situations and how brave we’ve all had to be with our journeys, all independent. 

There’s some weird and wonderful things that we’ve all been through. I certainly have. But as I initially stated at the beginning, we are all spirit will come in from the spirit world for a very limited time, some very limited, others might get into the nineties or more and get the Queen’s Letter!

But we can only do what we can do. I just think the main thing is to keep the faith and to be brave, not to waste your life constantly watching Sky News and being petrified of what’s coming next. I know some are stronger than others, but. We know that the spirit world are only a thought away, and we know that one day we will join our loved ones again in the spirit world and I often look at it. Life is like being in EastEnders, for example, and we’re all born and we’re given a character. 

We all get them boring story lines and the juicy storylines and, you know, the Christmas specials and all these characters in EastEnders, at some point along the way, unless you are Ian Beale, you know, you meet your end, whatever else. But during this we all give it our best, and for me, that’s all we can do – look on the bright side, remain strong mentally and know that the spirit world and our loved ones are all watching us, hopefully this evening. 

There are no guarantees in life. I mean, this week, for example, it’s a normal week. And my partner’s mother had a headache for a couple of days, when it got to Thursday (day 5) and she still had this headache. She called up my other half, her daughter and said that she’s going to go for sleep. And we said to her, now this is getting crazy here. You can’t get a headache for five days. 

It’s not right. You need to call the doctor or even more call an ambulance. So it turns out that her brother called an ambulance and they came a few hours later and took her to hospital. And lo and behold, she had a bleed on the brain. How crazy is that and its happened to many, many people that she just didn’t feel well? Headache for so many days. Thought she was going to have a little sleep again. Good job that the ambulance got called because you never really know. 

Subsequently, she had an operation, they went into her nose and they repaired whatever they had to repair and now she’s in recovery and it’s looking alright – but just another example of how life can change one minute to the next. But generally, we can just do what we do all the time, and let’s enjoy and learn and be good to one another and know that our loved ones are always just a thought away watching what we’re doing, hoping we all conduct ourselves to the best that we can. 

And yeah, crazy times remain strong. All of you know, the spirit world is never far away all your loved ones are only just waiting the other side, but we all must do what we can in our time here. And give it your best always. But hopefully that can resonate with a few of you and. Yeah, it’s just the crazy times we’re going through to give it that sort of thought and address this evening. So thanks very much for listening to me. 

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