I Love Who I Am – Spiritual Address by Lainey Baine

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I wanted to talk about emotional well-being, OK? I know we’ve had lockdown with potentially going down for another one, but it’s looking after our own selves. Now Peter just been talking about love and how much, you know, if we love God, then, you know, all your own particular deity, whatever your choices. But by loving that is just loving yourself first and foremost and loving yourself, it helps you become hopefully happier within yourself, because no matter what is being chucked at you, you’re like, you know what?

Yeah, I love who I am. I can change a few things, you know, work on my weight or whatever. But I love who I am. And it’s just knowing that that I do is as a start, basically start with yourself. We often give love and healing thoughts, etc. to others all the time. But we forget to do it for ourselves, and that’s just what I’m getting at, basically the emotional well-being of of looking after yourself, your mental health, knowing that those people you can talk to out there be professionals, be it friends, be it just a cup of tea or a coffee, you know, even a Zoome thing or whatever this may be live to TV.

But the fact is, there’s ways and means of getting around it and it’s not being on your own. And now being that just that feeling of being on your own really can.

Destroy you, really, if you allow it to, but previously mentioned, if those actually before we have choice, look after you by you looking after you, you can help look after others. 

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