None Of Us Ever Die, We Just Return To Spirit.- Spiritual Address by Martin Quigley

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One thing that came to me today while I was watching one of these history channels about the old time Greeks and Romans was how they rose up and the Greek empire wavered. I couldn’t help but think about current times, what we’ve all been through the last six months or so, with the covid, the pandemic, it seems to split the entire nation, the world. When you listen to Peter’s Bible reading and you go back to the old days of Jesus and the Bible and when that was written, that was the current history. We’re now going through this, two odd thousand years later, and furthering the evolution of human history. 

We can all live our lives and much of our lives is bumps in the road, pluses and minuses, we have good times, we have bad times and challenging times. A bit like a big novel with different chapters in books, that’s the way I’m looking at it. You often come to a real juicy point within that chapter of the book, and it does seem at the moment that we’re in this current culture, covid, lockdown and whatever else that we are in, it’s one of these big juicy phases that is a very poignant moment in human history. 

I look at everything and I like to always keep an open mind. It’s not something that I addressed to get involved and it’s not one for the comments to be getting involved in what we believe or what we don’t believe. But for me, it doesn’t feel 100% right, without a doubt. I’ve known people who have had it, but if you look at some of the facts along the way as well, there have been irregularities and quite often the logical mind will make you think certain things. But irrelevant to that, I just look at it one way: we must always keep the one powerful word, one of the most powerful words we use in our lifetime, and it is to keep the faith. Faith above everything. The reason why we’re all here this evening is you guys have faith in your loved ones in the spirit world and so do I. That’s why I’m here this evening, if I didn’t have faith then I wouldn’t be able to do the job of a medium as I do. So, it’s very odd what we’re going through and it is one of these big juicy points in all our lives. 

I’ve had a fairly blessed life, there’s been challenging times, but certainly now it’s very strange. People are sat in the church in a full length visor, and if that was a year ago and you were to be looking online, you’d be thinking what is going on here? For me, I know the biggest truth is that none of us ever die, we just return to spirit. I know that all of my loved ones whether that be family, friends or animals in the spirit world are not far away.

I will truly, through this pandemic, honor the word of faith. I’ll keep the faith and know that God and the spirit world are in control and for whatever reason, us on the earth plane have to go for this part of the chapter in our lives. 

It’s interesting times, it really is very controversial, and the most uncomfortable thing for me to see is how it’s split. You see various different things going on, yesterday 4 million people in Munich marched and there were people in Trafalgar Square. The only thing I can cast upon this is that the vast majority of the human race are good people, but there are, as we all know, people that are not so good. Throughout history, there’s been many people that are not so good and try to take advantage of situations. So we’ve just gotta let it play out and keep the faith.

The two main factors I look at in life are what I truly believe are the two rules to life. One is we come to the earth plane with nothing but a conscious mind as a baby, and as we evolve and learn through life, we’re here to learn from experiences both good and bad. We endeavor to keep our conscious mind as healthy as we can. In my mind, I’m content with what I do in life and where I’m going, keeping the faith within myself. That number one rule is to look after your mind above anything. Forget cars, wealth and job titles, you look after your mind above anything. It doesn’t matter who you are, you look after your mind. If you can achieve that in life, then the only other thing you need to do in my mind and rule number two is to help as many people along their journey as you possibly can. No one really knows what part of a chapter or what a sticky situation anyone else could be in. So, I think if you can accomplish number one, keeping your own mind healthy and strong, then help as many people as you can along the way.

I tried not to get too controversial this evening with the address, but there’s so much going on around the world and in this country. I think above all, keep faith and stay true to ourselves above anything else, and the big man upstairs in the spirit world will do the rest. 

  • Spiritual Address by Medium Martin Quigley, taken from Divine Service at Thundersley C.S. Church on 30th August 2020.
  • Watch the full service here.

Source: Thundersley

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