Know That You’re Worthy of Love and Happiness – Spiritual Address by Stacie Frost

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The only thing I can say about the last few days is I’ve been working with Rob to try and get this up and running because I’ve done this twice before, but that was in the beginning when we first started. I have to say the technology has been a bit of a mare this time, for some reason it wasn’t happening. We tried to text it on Friday, but all day Friday on the tablet, the laptop, the phone wouldn’t connect. I was so busy yesterday and we tried to get it to connect, and in the end I did say to Rob, please get Donna to have a backup in case this does not work. Obviously I don’t want to let people down and the church needs someone to do their online service. Even this morning it wasn’t working. Then I noticed that Donna had put a little video of an orb being captured in the church. So, I put a funny comment on her post saying ‘if they’re there can you get them to get me connected tonight?’ And lo and behold, after about half an hour, it started working. So there we go.

We know that we love to ask spirit for things. I’m using that as part of the address and it was quite worrying because I’m not very technologically advanced. Anybody who knows me knows I touch buttons and things and weird things happen. But really it’s about having a little bit of faith. Having faith in that things sometimes work out right and for the best in the end.

Now, because we’ve been struggling with it, I was prepared to not do this evening, but in my heart I wanted to do do it because I love Thundersley Church and I’ve been with you nearly every week watching the service and all those other fantastic mediums and what the guys and girls are doing in the church. It was working out that we did actually get there in the end, we were trying to find another way going around and thinking of different ways of doing things. I think that in life sometimes our best laid plans don’t come to fruition or they don’t seem to work. We can either sit back and say, oh well, that’s it, it’s done, or we can actually take up the gauntlet and say, can we try and find another way? Can I think outside of the box? I think then, when you put your energy out to help yourself, then the Universe answers. If you just give up, nothing happens does it? If you just give up and say oh well, it doesn’t happen, it’s not working, then the Universe is just going to go ‘pffh’ with you. This is just a technical issue, but there are times in life that might be very difficult. Things that you have going on, decisions to make and there’s not always a simple explanation, there is not always a simple answer, but sometimes there will be another way that help will come to you.

I do a lot of writing. I was going through some of my material earlier, and this is something I wrote and I thought it was quite apt for what had happened today, and also that sometimes when we feel that we’re a little bit lost, that we feel that things aren’t going the way that we really would like them to.

‘Sometimes we lose our way and the road we started our journey on, the one filled with promise and potential comes to a dead end or it veers off altogether. The light within the guides is ahead. We suddenly feel it’s been snuffed out and our joy with it. Taking the wrong road with choices we may have made or that may have been chosen for us can all make us lose our way. It can take time to realise it, but the sign is usually a feeling of loss, a dark hole that has replaced the space where the heart resides and the absence of light. It may feel scary to be lost, to feel lost. But dear souls, nothing is lost forever. The light still shines, but the eyes cannot see it. The light is still warm, but your body cannot feel it. The light still makes a gentle sound, though the ears cannot hear it. The path has a destination, but until we acknowledge the light still exists to guide us, it sometimes remains hidden. Fear not I want to say to you all, release any guilt you carry. Forgive yourself of any issues that weigh heavy on your soul. Know that you’re worthy of love and happiness. But how can you find your way when you have extinguished your own light? Hidden the wonderful uniqueness of your spirit in a fog of dense energy. When you understand that everything has a purpose, good and bad, and at times we have to get lost because it helps us become resourceful, stronger, more determined and courageous, the path would open up once again. Do not forget that even though you may not see your way through, others see you still and stretch their loving arms to catch you. All our journeys are accompanied, a path is never walked alone. Take strength and love from that fact, and in time you’ll be lifted from the center of the maze to see all that life and the roads are stretched out around you are all there with infinite possibilities. And remember that one foot placed in front of the other is a step, one step in front of the other is a path.

So it’s just really that sometimes in life. We do feel so lost and especially with what’s going on at the moment.I don’t know about you, but I’m a bit confused by it all at the minute and I think that’s the thing. So many of us, we’re worried about our work, we’re worried about our finances, we’re worried about our family and friends, our future. It’s a very uncertain time at the moment.

Please take comfort in the fact that spirit are with you. Like your family with you, they might not always be there physically, but they are around you. Whether at the end of the telephone, whether you can facetime them, spirit are there as well. They just want you to ask, ask for help. You have guides, you have those in spirit that passed away and still look out for you on the Earth Plane, even your pets. I don’t know if you’re like me, but I often see cats strolling around my front room. And I think a lot of you, if you’ve got dogs and animals that have also been such a big part of your life, you probably will send to them too. But sometimes when you feel like that, just ask them. Put your thoughts up, out, because your thoughts are an intention and when that intention happens, it is instant. You might always get the outcome you think you want. But remember Spirit knows the bigger plan for you. If things feel difficult, where every time you go forward and you can’t seem to get to a certain place, it might be because you’re not meant to be in that place. Maybe there’s something better coming for you, better people coming into your life, better opportunities, as long as you work on the loving vibration, because that matches with spirit. They want you to feel their love.

And as I say, with all the technical issues we had before, I’m so pleased I can come to you this evening. Normally I work from the cabin, which is my little sacred space. So I’m in the front room today hoping that cats don’t come in and disrupt it. But if they’re meant to , they’re meant to. So please just take those words and hope they give you some sort of comfort or upliftment that you’re never lost. You might feel lost but you never are, and you never walk alone. You are always accompanied by someone, whether it’s from the earth plane or the spirit world.

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