We Are Commanded By Love That Is Everlasting – Spiritual Address by Philip Rossell

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Divine friends, we thank you for bringing together two worlds. We may be divided by distance, but the distance does not matter when the love is there.

Dear friends, as we walk a pathway of consciousness in the divine light of God, we always tend to try to find an image of who we believe our God can be. Is it a man? Is it someone we have seen in a book, a passage, or is it just what another has offered you in divineness. 

You see, dear friends, we are not a religion. We are not commanded by a single soul. We are commanded by love that is everlasting. That will continue on eternal shores forever more. Religion will be, it is what holds you down and makes you rise up. Religion has so many meanings, there’s so many people, but it divides so many more. It is a divide of language, creed and colour. But it is because it’s the power of mankind. To put a fear into your earthly minds, of this man, this energy, that he’s going to command you when you return to the spiritual realm. 

But you see Dear Friends, you will not be judged by anyone. Well God is you. You look through a window and that is your world. You accept what you see, you accept what you hear. This is nature. If you venture out from your home, that window into nature, you will see so much more. And this is a consciousness of the divine spirit that you may look upon as God. Would you be commanded by a flower, a grass, a tree? Would you be commanded by the waters that run through your streams? You work with the energy of love. We do not say any religion is wrong, but all religions hold a truth. They are seeds that mankind has sown. In love in sincerity and always in truth. For those people who sow those seeds, they did so with a knowledge of spirit. They did so with commanding thoughts. Not to control mankind but to free mankind of all dogmas. We see upon your world at this time that these dogmas are now tying you back down to your homes.

You are facing much in a way of this virus that you so called. It was not given to you by man. It was not given by spirit. It was just there. Yes, there can be cures. Yes, it can be controlled. But dear friends you must let go of the shackles of life and be free. Not be held down by such things. Indeed, many souls have returned to the far distant shores of spirit.

Like many more will soon be returning through other dogmas of life, of illness. You need to look to yourself, look to your soul and look, to your wellbeing. Your soul is spirit. 

So, dear friends, your soul is God. The plants, the trees, the animals are God. It is a creation of one. We in the realms of spirit, look upon you as light of many colours. But you would not stay as one colour you will glow in the presence of your thoughts. Of your energy that you pushed out in your day to day life. We see you this way. They will not tie you down to one color, to one thought, to one word. We want you to be free. Free as the birds that fly in your sky. Free to sing the words that you feel come from within you and speak through you. Meditation is a key to the door, a door that you feel opens to the spirit world. 

Dear friends, why do you come in these quietened thoughts? Is it to seek solitude of mind? Is it to seek that loved one that has taken that journey before you? is it to find oneness with God, or the oneness with self? When you enter the lands of thought in meditation, is it not your own world that you look at? The seeds in the park, the trees, the flowers, the seas, the beaches.

So perhaps dear friends, in that quietened thought, you do not come to our world. But you heighten your consciousness to the divine eternal life of spirit and we are then around you. There are not two separate worlds, we live within yours. If we need, we breathe your air. If we need to, we can consume your food and water. But of course we don’t need to, we still want to live around you, we still want to be a part of you.

Your loved ones that transcended to a new knowledge. It is not a new world. It is just a consciousness that mankind has yet to freely feel around. Once you go into that quietened thought, you’re just linking to that higher thought, that higher knowledge. Those that you class as a guide, helper, inspirer. are but friends quintessential. Indeed friends maybe you have yet to meet, but is that not a stranger you will pass on your many roads? You smile, you greet, you say hello and that stranger becomes a friend and that friend then becomes someone who helps you through your life. And this is the consciousness of the higher  order of spirits. 

I’ll speak to this brother because maybe he’s earthly knowledge. Is that of truth and love, but his spiritual knowledge he has yet to really find, for he has yet to understand that of an earthly deck. Maybe you believe we come here, many times, indefinite overcoats of flesh. But we forget what it was like in spirit. We forget what it was like to be born in your world and then to return to that higher consciousness of being. 

Dear friends, I offer these words. in divine truth. But they are my thoughts, they are dustings of my consciousness. Many of those who work around this way, we do not claim it to be the truth, but we claim it to be more than one knowledge. More than one consciousness that you are free to feel sense any time. There are no chosen ones to be used as channels. We choose you all. Because you’re all your father’s children. 

You want so much to be perfect, you want so much for everything to be black and white. But dear friends is it not black and white that is dividing your world. So look to colour, look to nature, and you will find spirit. You will find the truth. 

So as I leave you now I back away from the consciousness of this brother. I do not leave his side. Your loved ones did not leave you. You travel a pathway to a new consciousness. They just maybe evaporate from your world, but like a raindrop evaporates and returns to the cloud. That cloud will then come back down as rain showing you the rainbows. 

God Bless you dear friends.


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