Intention of Love, of Peace, of Happiness – Spiritual Address by Lainey Baine

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Life certainly has its ups and downs, its peaks, troughs, honesty, dishonesty, beauty, horror, life and death. We can choose to fall into a world of negativity, it certainly seems the easier option. But let’s turn those cliches around, look at life from a different perspective, a positive outlook. Downs, ups, raising above diversity, challenges, faced with it in whatever capacity.

Look at what you have already overcome, how far you have come on your own journey. Troughs and peaks, recognising positive achievements no matter how small, how trivial they may seem. They are achievements, smile about each one. Dishonesty, honesty, being honest with yourself for the better. Horror, beauty, knowing that there is still beauty in this world. Just look into the eyes of your loved ones. A bumble bee drifting from one beautiful flower to the next as it collects pollen. The clouds in the sky, what do you see in them? When was the last time any of you took time out and did a bit of cloud watching? Death, life,  to lose a loved one is for some, the end of their own world, their own life.

But to celebrate the life of that loved one, to recognise how much they enjoyed their life by choosing to live your own life. To remember your loved one in each breath you continue to take as you live your own life. How precious a gift in their memory is that? What I’m trying to say is that we each have a choice. Sometimes we may not like the outcome of that choice, but to make that choice for your own well-being, your own happiness, the happiness of those you love.

Set your intention. Let’s focus on setting an intention of love, of peace, of happiness, starting with yourself. Love who you are as a person. Be happy with what you have. It could be your home, family, friends, a pet or a favourite rose in the garden. Be at peace that you have life, it’s your choice how to live it. Remember, happiness starts from within. Have you noticed the theme here? 

Fear of the unknown may lead to feeling overwhelmed. I certainly did at the beginning of this lockdown, fear of change. Now, that’s a biggie, isn’t it? We cannot change the past. It’s how we live now, how we live for our future. Past events do not define who we are, we choose who we are. For some, only seeing a life that is a bleak, foreboding, no happiness, that is where choice comes into it. 

Look at the positives in this lockdown situation. Some have chosen to make the most of their time building relationships with family, with friends, albeit from a safe distance. A family spread around the world, seeing each other at weddings and funerals, the odd phone call every few months are now having online get togethers every week, feeling closer to each other than they ever did before. I know, I’ve met some of those families. Just seeing the smiles on their faces when they talk about it is sheer happiness.

You now have a choice to live your life with a better understanding of who you are, of what you have, what you have achieved. Be proud of you. I was looking at a rose earlier today. I could have only seen the creepy crawlies walking along the stem, flying around the sharp thorns. But I chose to see the beauty. Those bugs living their respective lives, who am I to judge? The thorns protecting, doing what they were designed for. That stunning rose, it’s intricate petals, such depth, such color. The scent, subtle, yet uplifting. It left me smiling that I was fortunate enough to experience a positive and a potential negative – I don’t like bugs. 

You each have a choice. Choose to remember that as you face each day.

  • Spiritual Address given by Medium Lainey Baine during Divine Service at Thundersley Christian Spiritualist Church on 05th July 2020.
  • Watch the service here.

Source: Thundersley

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