Animals Too Have A Soul – Spiritual Address by Anita Panayiotis

I would like to talk to you this evening about the continual existence of the human soul. I think at this time it’s very important for us to touch on that. But not just the human soul, because as I sat there and listened to the healing book names being read out, there were a number of animals that came up too, and I’m a big animal lover. I think that sometimes we forget the actual companionship, the love and the gift they give us when we share our home with animals.

So my belief is animals too have a soul. So, I wanted to talk about the continual existence of the human soul, it’s not just humans, for me it’s also the animals that we share our lives with. Any time they pass it’s a tragedy. It causes so much upset and so much disarray in our lives, especially at this time when so many people are passing over to the Spirit World. We know, as they cross over, they are safe, they are met, they’re cared for, they’re loved and they’re at peace. It’s those of us down here who are the ones that are suffering with the pain and the upset.

I just want to say about the continued existence of the human soul, we are all spirit, we are all energy, and scientifically we know we cannot destroy or create energy. We just transform, transmute into the spirit world, which is a lighter and finer vibration.

So people may ask, why can’t I see my mum, my dad, my dog, my rabbit? Because if they still exist, I should be able to see them and feel them. The trouble is that we’re so laid down here with the emotions and all sorts of things going on and it’s only really the subtle symbols that we sometimes put to one side. Maybe a song will come on the radio. There may be a certain smell of something that can suddenly evoke a memory, just a feather that comes on the floor. I believe there are many, many symbols around us that our loved ones are forever with us and forever around us. The spirit world exists, without the pain and suffering that we have down here. They exist just like we are here, we cross over, we are still the same person and we are met there with our loved ones.

I feel especially now for people that may not have the beliefs that we have. Who really struggle to accept that their loved ones passed over, especially if at this time when they are being kept away from each other.

A lady I know lost her husband. Not to Corona, she unfortunately lost her husband to a heart condition. He passed at home and she was unable to be with friends and family, at a time when we really need to be. This is where I feel it’s important we all connect with each other. And if we can’t physically be together to support each other, it’s good we’ve got the media to join together.

So we know the spirit world is around us. We feel them. We can sit quietly in a garden, in a park, an open space and just feel the presence of them around us. It’s just important that we know that spirit is energy. Energy is everywhere. Our loved ones are with us and even our pets are with us. We don’t always necessarily go around talking to them all the time, but there are times when I feel like I just want to sit and talk to my nan or my dad and I feel them there. We just have to believe that as they cross over, they are well, they are fine and believe that it’s us here who need to sit and connect with them at times for our own healing and our own wellbeing.

I’d like to leave that thought with you. Thank you.

  • Spiritual Address given by Medium Anita Panayiotis during Divine Service on 24th May 2020.
  • Watch the service here.

Source: Thundersley

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