Be Kind To The Spirit Within You – Spiritual Address by Kat Baillie

Before you can touch Spirit, you must first find it within yourself. For all the truth, for all the knowledge and all the love must first be found within yourself. The spirit can never touch you and bring love and peace within you and from your being until you’ve found it within yourself. Before you can build a picture of love from the spirit, you must learn to find it in your life. Always prepare yourself as a channel for spirits. Stand there with love radiating from you, then God will touch you and you will be chosen as a channel for the Great Spirit.’

Those words were written by Gordon Higginson and channeled from Spirit before one of his addresses. 

It always makes me feel very proud to stand here for Spirit and for Thundersley Church. The people that work there have always been great supporters of the community around them and the mediums that work with them. So I’d like to give thanks to the team.

As I blend with Spirit, what they want to say to you tonight is that love, divine love and hope, may it go out to each and every one of you. While we’ve been in lockdown it’s been a very challenging time. They want you to be aware that the love and kindness, and that reflection and time spent on self can only greatly benefit us as we get to know and understand each other more. We start to realize and understand the relationships between one thing and another, and sometimes there is a need within, to go inside to find peace because that peace cannot be found outside of ourselves. So, what Spirit wants to say is to grant you that peace. Allow yourself to have those quiet moments, whether it’s in silent contemplation or whether it is in the blending of spirit. The prayers that are spoken through you and your heart will be sent in a loving, caringness and kindness to the whole of the community. So they say to you, when you’re in trouble and feeling like you’re having challenging times, allow yourself the space, to think, to go within and to be kind to the spirit within you.

When you recognise the needs of your spirit, so will you then recognise the needs of others, and so in understanding what you need, perhaps you’ll be able to see what you can give to others. For you all have gifts. You are all kind, you are all spirited, you all have personality and the joy in finding even just a simple smile to share with a neighbour or somebody that passes by on the street. Or perhaps even a thought or feeling, a knock on a door to let somebody know that you’re there to help, could be those kinds of moments of gratitude that are most preciously thought of and felt within the hearts and minds of spirit.

The Spirit tells me that it’s only the little things that really count. The big emotional endeavours that we do sometimes, not only allow us to create a big space and community, but the Spirit within that knows kind little thoughts, kindness, even in feeding the birds in the garden or talking over the fence to a neighbour. Perhaps it’s going to get the groceries in this time of lockdown. Spirit will allow their hearts and words to be within your mind and to help you create a space that can be divinely guided when we love ourself. When we find that space within ourselves, we can create a happiness and a fortitude that will withstand everything and we will know that we are never alone and the Spirit will stand amongst us.

And so, in your most difficult and challenging moments, even if you’re not sleeping at night, find the piece to maybe go downstairs and just light a candle. Or send some thoughts to the Spirit World and notice their loving embrace as the energy changes around you and the feeling of peace envelopes your heart. When you have peace within your heart, you can be calm. You can feel the wise words. You can get the impressions. You can use your own intuition, allow spirit to guide you through those intuitive thoughts, those feelings within your mind.

As we listen to ourselves and we listen to the heart of spirit, we start to understand and we start to move forward with the presence of peace within our hearts and our minds. Be you always happy and healthy, be you always kind, and even in the difficult times ahead, may these moments of reflection that have come from having time and space within be of benefit to you. Benefit to all of you.


  • Spiritual Address given by Medium Kat Baillie during our online Divine Service on 10th May 2020.
  • Catch up and watch the recorded Live Stream here.

Source: Thundersley

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