The Nature Spirit – Address by Jeff Phillips, The Psychic Postman

What unusual circumstances we are in nowadays, we are in a very unusual place and it’s a different way of life that we’ve got at the moment. So it will be quite interesting to see how this evening goes, because this is the first time I’ve ever done readings from a computer or anything. I’m very computer illiterate. So it’s an interesting time to see how it goes on this, even for myself. 

What I want to talk about today, first of all, I want to talk about everyone that is helping out at this time in the world today. I noticed the dustman out there doing their job, and what a job they’ve got to do. It’s a very difficult job and I keep seeing two or three in a cab at the same time, so they’re quite close to each other. I hope things pass, that things get better and everyone can be safe in what they’re doing. 

Thanks to the NHS for what they’re doing as well. They’re at the frontline of everything. Thank you for what they’re doing to help everyone try to get through this difficult time. And hopefully, I’m pretty sure there will be a time when everyone’s going to be fine and it’s going to be okay. I always look at things on the positive side of things. 

What I’ve been doing as I haven’t been out, or going places. I like to go round nature, there’s a field that I go in and do a little bit of work in the field and have a bit of a tune into nature.

It seems like going back to the old days, doesn’t it really? It seems like because of what’s happening, everyone’s going back to a very old worldie thing. When I go out because I’ve got to do the post rounds and things, the roads are like when I was a young kid, like it was in the late 60s.

The roads are very clear and things look like how they used to be a long, long time ago in different circumstances, yes. Hopefully this will all be over within a month or whatever, and we can all get back to our daily lives. But as it is now, I seem to be amongst nature. And I find a great feeling with nature, working with nature. It gives me a good feel and I get close to that spirit link, the nature spirit, which I find great.

It gives me a lot of healing, gives me a lot of encouragement when I’m out there. So if anyone could just go into a garden or if you haven’t got a garden, put some flowers around you or something. I’m pretty sure it is a very uplifting thing. As I say, I do believe nature has its own intelligence. We are part of nature and I do believe that the flowers and trees have their nature and have their ways. I feel that you can communicate and it can hear you, and they can sense you. I do believe that you can sense nature and what it’s trying to say or what it’s trying to do. And nature is a great healer, I’ve always said nature’s a great healer. If anyone’s got problems or anyone’s going to go out to nature, I do believe that whenever you go out in nature, you come back feeling better, you’ll come back feeling a lot more uplifted and a lot more healed.

As I look at today, when I was out there in nature, I was looking up at the trees and I was communicating and they would give me a very strong healing feeling like, not that I needed too much healing at the moment, but they would give me that healing feel. I find it as I say, I seem to be working a lot with nature now in the times that we’re going through.

I tend to be out with the trees, out with nature, and I love it. I love it and I work with it because usually we have things going on in our land and because of the times, it’s a nice time to catch up and work with it and get it looking better and looking how we want it to look. So I always say to people, nature is the thing. And when you think about it, Jesus and all the great people that have lived, all the masters that have lived,  always had a strong connection with nature, Buddha or Jesus. Masters of the past always had that strong connection and communicated with nature. And that’s what I hope everyone can do and everyone can listen to. I know that sounds a bit funny, I’m sure it sounds maybe a little bit daft maybe to some people.

But I do believe you can speak and you can communicate with nature and if you speak, you’ll get a reply from nature. It will be there with a reply. It’s just getting onto that wavelength of nature. We’re getting onto the wavelength, not that I’m a great seer or anything, I’m just slightly mad. That helps. I always say that helps people to make that sort of connection with either people or with nature,to be slightly eccentric.

And I advise everyone to do that. Jesus would love to go up into the mountain tops and get the quietness from the mountain tops and get his communication with the higher powers from the mountaintops. He was always out in nature. So, yes, somebody just said that they talk to their animals and talks to their dogs. And where do dogs and animals love? Best of all they love nature don’t they? They love to be out there, the birds, the dogs, the cats, or most of them. I did have a cat that didn’t like going out because it was frightened of the wind. But most dogs and cats like being out there and communicating with nature, it’s part of them, it’s part of everyone. 


Source: Thundersley

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