We’re All Gifted – Address by Stacie Frost

Well, the first thing I want to say is I hope everybody’s is well at the moment. I know it’s a bit of a unique situation that we’re in at the moment. Unique for me, because Donna rightly mentioned to me earlier that I’m so used to walking about whilst working, this is quite difficult for me to sit still. But then that’s a minor challenge in the scheme of things at the moment. All this week, I’ve sort of been thinking about and trying to prepare a little bit for this evening.

What I wanted to say and the topic that keeps coming back up is the fact that I just felt that we’ve moved so fast, haven’t we? In my generation the local takeaway was fish and chips, everything went a bit further on than that, after that time.  Takeaways shops – I remember they weren’t open on a Sunday. Now everything’s open 24/7 and it’s a shame because I think some of our young people have missed, although they have so much they have so much technology and have so much learning and knowledge given to them; There’s a part of life, I think they’ve actually missed, as If we skip through it to get to this real sort of fast technology time. And it’s the times of being together. I mean, how many kids now say, ‘I’m bored? I’m bored all the time’ – yet they’ve got so much to entertain them.

And I think this situation is teaching us, I don’t want to focus on the negative too much because the idea of this is that’s it is an uplifting service. We hear enough of the negative on the television every day. It’s just that, you know, for all our technology and the things that we have access to, when push comes to shove, the main thing is we need each other. We’ve got all these workers, and I want to say a big shout out to the NHS at the moment.

Everybody that works in those services, whether it’s from the cleaning staff up to the top doctors, surgeons and everybody in between, the paramedics, I’m also talking about the shop staff, the delivery staff. All those people. Our post people going out, the people still collecting our rubbish. And when you think about it, years ago, especially my mum’s generation and going back, those sort of people, they were the backbone of society because we didn’t have the technology we rely on now.

We didn’t have what you have now. So you would go to the shop every day. You’d get what you needed for your tea, you’d go there and back to get your exercise. You would go and speak to neighbours and have time on the Sunday as a family day, the only time that everybody would be at home together sitting around the table having a meal.

There was the telephone, I mean, you also had the telephone box. Believe it or not sometimes we had a lock on our phone when we were kids because you couldn’t use the phone for a certain amount of time because of how much it cost. So, I think for the children and for all the things that we do have now, which are wonderful and there’s a power of technology, we’re coming to you this evening from that technology and it’s fantastic, I do think sometimes it’s taken away a little of our own ‘self’ as well, a little bit of our ‘soul’ maybe for being together. And when you think about the jobs that we are now relying on they are the ones  years ago that were always there but for some reason, and I don’t know what it is, with society’s deem them is menial up to a point as if they’re only worth just a minimum payment, you know, minimum wage.

I’ve never felt this because I feel every job whether you are cleaning the streets or in government, whatever you’re doing, each job is part of a connected thing and it is important and the people that do it are as important as each other. And I think we’re just starting to take stock of what actually is important, because when the technology can be put to the side, I did actually put on Facebook the other day what have people done now they’ve either put off or thought about doing and haven’t done. I mean, I’ve read a couple of books that I’ve really wanted to read for ages. Got my husband working in the garden so he’s built me some boxes and, you know, there’s decorating next week. So I don’t want him to feel too obsolete. But it’s things this that people are saying, you know, ‘I’ve come back on the piano and try playing’.

And one of my friends is actually doing BSL, British Sign Language while she’s at home and I think these are wonderful things that we wouldn’t have had time for before this lockdown. And I know it can be a bit scary at the moment with so much going on, but let’s try and take the positive out of it. The sun has been shining, well it was for the rest of the week. Unfortunately, today it’s a bit intermittent.

But I saw so many Butterflies outside. The Bees were outside. The sky was clear. I got out in the garden planting flowers. And it was just a real sense of peace because when you went back, we didn’t have all the cars. We didn’t have all that sort of ‘hubub’ with the shops being open all the time. So there was when you walked anywhere, there was a bit of a peaceful feeling. And I feel that’s coming back a little bit.

And just also are the thoughts of Mother Earth having a little bit more, TLC time. I think she’s having a bit of a breather from us at the moment. So if anything, at least if she’s healing, When we we do emerge out, we will feel that maybe things are sort of helped in that way as well because our environment is also so important. But the thing is, we’re all energy, so going off on a tangent, we are all connected and even with the power of the technology, although it has gone so fast and we want our kids to step back a little bit, have that family time; kids are now doing pictures of rainbows I’ve noticed as well, there’s been a rainbow trail of parents are taking that much needed break from the ‘hamster wheel’ just to have a little bit of time together.

And I think that’ll help each other connect, because the thing is, our world has been so disconnected at the moment with everybody having so little time or that’s what it seems to be, we’ve always got a hundred and one things to do in jobs. We’ve not had that time to really connect to each other in a way we should. The way we can right now.

And in a way, if you think about it,  I’m here with the Spirit World to bring the two worlds together, technology is a little bit like the Spirit World as well.  At the moment you might have relatives you can’t see but you know they’re there. And that’s the spirit world as well. You might not be able to see them, but you know, they are there with you. And on social media and things like this you are all connected. You might live so many distances away, you might live miles away, you might not see each other for a long time, but that energy connects to each other as the spirit world connects us. We’re all interconnected and I think this time might be well be time to take a breather, breathe and take stock of our lives. What we really want, what’s important? 

I know there has been a rush on food and things like that and I can understand a little bit of panic because to be honest, if you’ve been told you’ve got to stay in for three months, you want to make sure you’d stock up as well. But there is enough. Remember, the universe has a law of cause and effect. So if you think abundance, that will come back to you. And so when we think of ‘fear’ and ‘lack of’ the universe will say, ‘OK, we’ll give you that then’.

So if we’re trying to keep our minds and our thoughts open that also brings in a sense of calmness and peace as well. Remember those people who are worrying about things, when you’re focusing so much on the negative that’s going on out there your immune systems shuts down a bit. So you’re going to feel worse. Sometimes the best thing is to do a little bit of calm breathing, I will actually do a little meditation for you because I feel that we need to get back to ourselves a little bit, show what’s really important, because it at the end of the day we could do that.

You know, we’ve got landline’s if you some of you still got land line, I have. But sometimes we can do without the intrusion of phones or computers for a while. But what we can’t do without is our family, our friends, our animals and the things that these wonderful people have been supplying us with, the food, the supermarkets open and putting themselves at risk every day. And they are really what’s important. We really need to do so much for these people once we get back out there, because they’ve been absolutely marvellous, but they always have been.

You are marvellous. You know, everybody has something. We’re all gifted. We’re all special and unique in our own way. And I think now we need to take stock of that and start getting back to ourselves.

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